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  1. Love the VLM shots....and the Asiana......and the.......love them all! Thanks, Pieter.
  2. Attan

    BKI Today

    Great shots esp no. 10. Thanks, Sam.
  3. Whoa! Nice shots esp the landing ones. Well done, Isaac.
  4. Simply beautiful, Pieter. Aaaah....the scent of spring!...with Jet A1 flavour :-)
  5. You're right, Sneeze. Why did they do such a thing?
  6. Just thought I'd join in the fray :-) The word "cost" has not been defined to make it clear to those involved in this discussion. Is it the cost to MAS for getting the nasi lemak on board the aircraft OR the cost of serving the nasi lemak to the various classes of passengers on board? In the former case it shouldn't be different (between the different classes) if they come in the same containers. In the latter case, they would be different if the crockery (or plastic plates) on which they are served, the quantity served per pax or the manpower cost of the serving cabin crew are different. In any case I do not think the inter-class difference should be as much as 3 times. It is also not logical to me to impute the fixed and indirect costs into the stated cost of the nasi lemak because the crockery (if it is china) can be re-used and meal serving is not a major portion of the cabin crew's working hours.
  7. Thanks a lot Adrian. Am now waiting for the torrents to flow into my HDD
  8. Nice shots, Sneeze. You have made me an MU fan (not Man U btw).
  9. Beautiful shots, Neesern. I like WMKM with its friendly controllers. However, the smoke from the oil palm plantations usually spoil the view.
  10. Norman, shiny bellies really impressive.
  11. Anyone got a copy of the Ryan Air video uploaded somewhere? Am having bandwidth problems.
  12. Beautiful shots, Raj. Your vantage point was pretty good.
  13. Love that port undercarriage shot! Reminds me of the journalist who had a wheel drop on his head from a passing monorail overhead.
  14. Eric, lovely shots. Love the chrome jetpipes. Good catch.
  15. Those who demean other people's jobs get no respect from me. When the actor refers to stewardesses as toilet cleaners, he means that it's a lowly occupation. Indirectly he's also saying that the toilet cleaners' job is lowly. There's no joke in what he said, so how can we call it a comedy or satire? I give the greatest respect for the toilet cleaner who does a good job to enable us to do our thing in comfort. He or she does it despite the stigma and the unpleasant environment in which he or she works.
  16. Beautiful! Thanks Faizal & Khor....no, that is not the name of a legal firm but two great pixmen.
  17. TK, your RD is every inch a beauty. Great angles.
  18. Thanks for the dramatic pics, Norman & Son Sdn Bhd.
  19. Cute ones, Sneeze. It was Airbus day.
  20. Thanks for your comments, Guys. Kelvin, they were taken just before sunset.
  21. Beautiful shots, Sneeze - both of them.
  22. Thanks a lot, Seth....but KL spotters are left in the lurch.
  23. MY SHOTS ON APRIL 11, 2006 - TRYING TO IMITATE THE SIFU'S ========================================= THESE WERE TAKEN ON MARCH 25, 2006 ===========================
  24. Simply awesome shots. Thanks ,TK.
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