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  1. Cathay Pacific posts US$299.37 million net profit for 2018. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-cathay-pacific-results/cathay-pacific-posts-profit-after-two-years-of-losses-rising-airfares-aid-idUKKBN1QU0DL
  2. All 5 of them are already quite senior. All seem to have been with MAS for quite some time.
  3. I was on MAS KUL-BKI yesterday and my flight had 5 cabin crew.
  4. MI BKI passengers are mostly connecting passengers from SIA. Very few Malaysians taking the MI flight between SIN-BKI.
  5. Because it is a very modern aircraft ? And if MAS doesn't want to repeat the same mistake that its predecessors did it's a good reason why they should either make a top-up order for the A350-900XWB or order new B787-9 Dreamliner instead of considering placing a new order for a re-engined A330 ?
  6. Korean Air is the one to move to the new ICN T2, not Asiana Airlines. Most SkyTeam carriers will also move to ICN T2.
  7. Isaac

    WP Labuan

    A Chinese firm offered to build the bridge with just a land swap near the project site.
  8. Probably the same kind of traffic for BKI - Xian, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan etc.
  9. Row 9 and 10 are actually Y+. Just that the seat map is way off.
  10. That's the accrual chart for MAS only. For MasWings you need to refer to partner airline and Q class, indeed is not eligible for any mileage accrual unfortunately.
  11. LOL There is this Hong Kong Airlines which is competing directly with CX/KA as a full service carrier. And their air fare is usually a lot cheaper than CX/KA especially to PVG and BKK.
  12. AF has been doing it for years. But they do have many staff around CDG to guide you through the process should you do not know how to do it.
  13. My my... aren't we a negative bunch? It is too early to say. I would very much glad to see an alternative choice for travelers who are sick of transiting. Fitri sounds very positive actually. And he is probably right. Transiting via the Middle-east is actually longer than transiting via Southeast Asian cities when getting from Australia to Europe. Yet that hasn't stopped price sensitive travelers to choose to transit in the Middle-east.
  14. The guy who wrote this is a CX cabin crew. While zeke is a senior pilot at CX.
  15. For someone who travels almost exclusively steerage, any Business Class seat is a good seat. Even the J seat on MAS 738 with just 42" seat pitch is a real good seat which I traveled once from BKI to HKG on a free upgrade. My question about which FSC has W seats in 2-2-2 layout on the 333 was never answered as some insisted CX regional C is W. But that's understandable as there isn't one. It was all ok until someone decided to be sarcastic two days later.
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