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  1. Hi Pieter! I just noticed your pictures on the Embraer 190! It's a great aircraft. I was already thinking some time about taking a ride on one of Finnair of FlyBE (E-195), although I still didn't try it out myself. Probably I've to be on the KLC first machine We'll see...
  2. Very nice jumpseat ride indeed Pieter! Can't wait for your upcoming pics
  3. Hi guys, JL Cargo has another (no. 3) Converted Freighter, being JA8906. On first visit to AMS as cargo-hauler... on April 1st : Bye bye, Eric
  4. Hi peopz, after being away for a while, I would like to present you KLM's newest Triple 7 PH-BQO '' Old Rauma ''. Seen on first commercial flight, KLM427 AMS-DXB. A shame that our Dutch weather wasn't cooperating today And little extra for you guys, is Hamburg International D-AHIB, now featuring new titles on the fuselage. Don't know if this one was operating on a charter or subchartered for some other airline?! Pieter... can you check it out? CU Eric
  5. hi Raldi!, and others... why not uploading at http://www.planespotters.net Planespotters.net has been idle for a while, but is now back online with a good team of members behind this website. The fleetlists are undergoing updates day by day now to get them back in correct manner, and providing good information. Recently new aircraft fleet lists are added additionally to the common types. Now also CRJ700/900 and Fokker 50/70/100, Ilyushin 96, Arvo's etc. can be found in the fleetlistings. New types to be added soon. Well, about the upload limit: there is NO upload limit. And... all pictures are accepted by 100%, BUT if quality is not reaching the High Quality (HQ) status, your pictures will only be approved into your Personal Gallery. So you will be sure that all of your pictures will go online here. (of course if the quality is really crappy we may reconsider our offer and reject the picture in uncommon cases). At this moment, we only have a few uploaders from S-E Asian region. Most uploads are from Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo at this time, so other regions are still not covered well. We will happy welcome everybody to planespotters.net, to share your pictures with the world! Good luck, Eric Screener & Database Editor www.planespotters.net
  6. actually it's very final approach stage for this flight originating from AUA... so not rotation here But thanks for the nice comments of course guys!
  7. Hi people! After some longer absence here, trying to bring some updates now more regularly; On September 12, I managed to do some photography again... And I got this A310 from Spain, Air Plus Comet, and operating for Martinair! For Pieter: ( I think it comes from AUA? ) The weather was great again this week after loads of rain in August Cheers, Eric
  8. Yeah! AB is indeed the best so far within Europe. But to comeback on the topic about Sterling.dk; I had a flight on a 'old' old fashioned B737-500, probably causing my negative idea about their 'service'. I don't know about the -800's because my onward flight was on a hired MD-83 of JetX. That was a great ride, but didn't show the real Sterling. I think Scandinavian countries are very tolerant in many things, also to 'spotters' which may be the reason that they didn't gave you an unpleasant visit. Did the -800 have dropdown screens or not? Pieter, thanks for the info about my upcoming NRT trip this week. About PH-BFB, is that fitted with the new WBC? I think the other full pax still offer the old C? Thanks Eric
  9. Pieter, sorry to see that the weather was no good. August is this year not good at all around Western Europe. To much rain! Anyway, you've seen some interesting airliners again. Did you spot them from the terminal building only or did you went also to a remote spot around the perimeter? I can imagine you didn't with all these water falling down the sky How do you think about Sterling? You know my opinion about them. Did they do better on the -700 and -800? Eric
  10. Hi just to inform you about a reported crash in Pakistan, near the city of Multan. Flight PK688 was to be operated by a Fokker F-27 aircraft. The flight was heading for Lahore and Islamabad. Pakistan officials have said 'no survivors'. RIP and another 'bad' day for aviation. And for the Fokker-lovers. Another one left the skies Bye Eric
  11. Aircraft involved in this crash during landing is: F-OGYP A310-300 msn 442 Formerly flown for PanAm and Delta Airlines. How sad... Eric
  12. Lionel, AMS is still a large B737 airport (hence the fleets of KLM, Transavia and many other visitors) Although, the A320 is widely spread in service among European carriers. AZ, AY, AF, IB, VY, BA, LH, OS, EI, OK, TP, LX, U2 are all using them (319/320's) on several flights, although not on all. Usually they also bring other aircraft types to AMS. Because I saw many nice pics from Pieter and JAL now I want to dedicate this nice and tiny Fokker 100 to Pieter Did they cleanup this machine Pieter? Mx people listened to your voice? Seen on arrival from MAN, "KLM1094". Bye Eric
  13. wow, the Yemenia is great and sharp! Edit the 'libelle' out by some whitener in some photo editing programm Pieter, and it will look like 'new' Eric
  14. Pieter, great shots from KLIA! JA811J will fly a couple of more years for JL by the way. It's one of our best cargo machines... A shame we will not see them anymore at AMS now, since we introduced the converted -400 freighter. Eric
  15. Hey Pieter thanks for our newest 767-300ER (JA615J). It is delivered just a few weeks ago to my knowledge. You have been lucky at CPH too! A big variety of airliners there, more then I saw a few weeks earlier. HKG weather is causing some heathaze/blurr on your images and indeed the sensor dust is still visible. You really should take some time to clean it, as you will find this ignoring in many of your images. HKG seems a very interesting place, I like the KE 737 (saw one at NRT myself too by the way).
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