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  1. Hi there, anyone interested PEN spotting on April 6 and 7? Just drop a line here!!
  2. Thanks for sharing guys. Been stop posting since 2009. It is time to continue.... LAX new spotting location just reopen 2010 July It's open free to public weekend only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Few photos from RWY24
  3. Yes, Absolutely right. AI give out cheaper fare, if compare to MH about USD200-USD300 cheaper.
  4. A little bit old school, but still working well She took off very steep to showoff Continue on C-17
  5. Last weekend 3-29-2008 at Riverside Municipal Airport small Airshow Boeing - C17
  6. Spotting from the IAH Parking Terminal E - International Parking, where is the good spot for touch down point of runway 26L. Spotting from Parking Terminal A, good spot for Continental loading passenger.
  7. Spotting trip with Yuh last week 10/26-10/28 @ IAH Houston Intercontinental Airport I took off from LAX morning flight 9.15 Continental Airline 757-200 w/ RR egine. Take off runway 25R toward to Pacific Ocean Making left turn to IAH Southern California Wild fire Approaching IAH
  8. Good job Raj, Jian, Yuh........... keep posting
  9. KHOR

    AirAsia X

    Thanks Norman bring us amazing photos!!
  10. Hi Teoh, I whole week didn't check on MW site. Sorry, I could not get SIA for your friend.
  11. Continue on my nose collection Runway 25R is under construction as background
  12. "3 Holers" from LAX not as many as DFW
  13. RWY 25R Closed for constrcution, and only RWY 25L use for southbound landing and take off. RWY 25L is much closer from the Imperial Hill, but the weather is like shssssssst!!
  14. Amazing photos......... Thanks for sharing!!!!
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