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  1. speaking of KLIA masterplan, i wonder if this plan is still ON https://fiata.com/fileadmin/user_upload/documents/recent_views/RAP/FIATA%20World%20Congress%202017%20-%20RAP%20-%20%20KLIA%20Aeropolis%20MAHB%20Mr%20B%20Ghazali.pdf
  2. that retro lively is just wow
  3. seeing the passenger list, quite a diversity . After I did some reading, turns out 19 UN staff killed in Ethiopian air crash . This comes just 2days after MH370 5years anniversary .phew.
  4. I wonder in the map, where is the exact location . would it be 14L/32R, 14R/32L or 15/33
  5. May he rest in peace. meet him once during 1st MW anniversary if im not mistaken way in 2006. sad indeed.
  6. okay, who's the contact person of this........let's create a whatsapp group for this event so we know where to meet when the time comes n all ?
  7. 1) can't wait for the KL-Osaka-Honolulu route 2) wonder what price range will their bring 3) n what new livery on the Airbus A330-300 aircraft would it put...
  8. count me in.haiyaaaa not much noise kah? hurm.....i still have the sticker from our 1st anniversary on my car........ so 27 June it is ...
  9. 2months to go..krik krik ...... if its in KUL count me in will be fasting that time, but nvm.. we can do an open fast session after that..hehe
  10. this is indeed depressing RIP......... now my mum is now afraight to take her Lufthansa flight this coming April .....u know old people...but i can understand..hurmmm
  11. mojo1 ˈməʊdʒəʊ/ nounUS a magic charm, talisman, or spell. "someone must have their mojo working over at the record company" influence, especially magic power. "the name has no mojo lol would be nice to see a special livery with AP. Fly MoYo would be my airline then haha.... my humble prediction, IATA F8 ICAO FMJ call sign MOJO ..obviously
  12. Saw this today, source -> theSTAR 17march 15 AirAsia AirAsia AirAsia X Berjaya Air Firefly Firefly Malindo Air Malaysia Airlines MASwings Flymojo .......not sure if i wanna laugh or cry......the name its a bit..hurmm...on another note, let's just wait and see
  13. shocked.......watching astro Awani now...the transport minister will be on. 1330 for official news...let's now just pray that they safely landed somewhere.
  14. any updates on this event? like place/time/plan
  15. wonder if there are any shots at the new runway @klia2..testing perhaps..or they have yet to test the runway..hurmm
  16. count me in.....KUL this year rite? I remembered joining the one in 2005, was it the 1st?
  17. have fun in Changi.however im outstation at that moment and will be arriving in BKI for my 1st time
  18. superb pictures.....my jaw just dropped the jet blast of the kid into the ocean somehow looks cool (although a bit dangerous) p/s what airline with the "LASER" livery is that
  19. never been to BKK and would be a good reason to go there what are the dates that we are talking here? last weekend of June 2012? easier to book AK flight when promo etc
  20. wow, this is new.....another reason for me to make my wallet thick with cards
  21. any further info from this flight school? heard from a friend of mine they are providing loans/or mara loans for students here....hence my sudden interest in this particular new school p/s im getting old (nearly 30 okay ) ...even starting to think that my son will continue this dream
  22. I think my mum would be in Flight from London to KL but would be 30th of april, arriving here 1may if im not mistaken..but the flight was booked way last year..not sure if it's the same flight...i'll try to get in touch with her n check the flight number.....was a coincidence!
  23. Hi, I would love to share this with you guys http://www.tnooz.com/2010/09/20/mobile/point-a-phone-in-the-air-and-get-details-on-every-aircraft-in-the-sky/ Plane Finder AR is the new sister app for the Plane and Ship Finder iPhone applications, using the existing positioning data alongside AR technology to pinpoint the location of aircraft in relation to the user of the handset. In theory, whenever the app is switched on and the user points it to the sky, details of every aircraft will be displayed on the device, such as flight number, aircraft registration, speed, altitude and distance from the user. Plane Finder says only aircraft with ADS-B equipment will feature on the AR service. Early days but reaction is rather lukewarm so far – with some reviews complaining about lack of coverage and accuracy for what is clearly a “nice idea” but struggling on the execution. anyone tried it? + beside that, what kind of pro walkies do u normally use......
  24. indeed he is..hahaha... anyway, very touching story..sounds like in the movies
  25. also read this in the papers a couple weeks ago for those affected ,never have doubt and just keep ur heads up.. im sure some solution for this matter would be sorted out...hmm..
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