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  1. Whatever our Abang Jo wanna say, just hear it first; believe it when we see the results. The root problems for MASwings is still price, it's the fact! The price tag is just simply too much for locals to consider as a priority mode of transportation. In yesteryears where the offer was good enough, I took the advantage for a few times and I could see the load is very good; not a single time below half filled. And recent years, you can count how many people board the flights while waiting for yours at MYY station. Just surpass the full load of a DHT at the best. The best joke I have ever heard came from a folk who commute yearly between MYY & SBW, when she heard her colleague got the flight for RM 168 per way; she was showing some kind of an unbelievable faces saying that it would normally cost RM 200+; I was liked . For the DHT operation, is even worst, 20 minutes scheduled time to Marudi can cost RM 60+ per way. My cousin did BKI-LMN-BKI before, normally less than 5 people on the DHT, the best time - A private ride! The only good thing for them is they got ceiling fares, so no worry of sky rocketed fares during festivals.
  2. I don't think add on baggages rate would change, it SHOULD NOT BE an error. When Malindo rolled out their Super Savers on March 15 earlier on, the add on rate DOES NOT change at all. For 5 KGS only, charges is from RM 70+.... I welcomed this change personally, it should be competitive during LOW SEASON. At least I DO NOT NEED TO SEE RM 300 PER WAY AS LOWEST ECONOMY FARES TO KUL FROM SARAWAK DURING NON SALES PERIOD like previously! WIth RM 300, almost can get a premium flex on AK already.
  3. Epic dream till the max hahaha, if those politicial figure see this sure they will be very happy lol. MASwings' new route maps include that, Kapit will receive a facelift for Twin Otter to fly there. Well, being a Sarawakian in his 30's who had been hearing our state government figures dreaming of having connections to here and there in an effort to buffer up the local tourism industry since childhood; they failed to realise that we do not have what Sabah can provide. Further more there is no vivid actions being taken to bring the dream into reality. Years after years, terms after terms; they still only talk and dream, we know empty talk is cheap. So fellow Sarawakians, just listen, laugh and forget about it. If we really had that market to sustain the service in the long run, I do not belive Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia or Malindo would not tap into the market concern!
  4. Yes i agree, AK meal almost never failed to impress me despite need to pay. Previously during my cancelled flight in July, check in sequence number is only 38, but only left 3 seats for me to choose around and all 3 middle seats somemore. Subsequently, when i rebooked the flight for September, only 10+ seats available to choose when in fact the load is only about 60%. So yes, I seconded on the seats selection thing. Maybe is mandatory to pay for a "pretty" seat now on Malaysia Airlines.
  5. I just want to imply that you cannot have both side of the world, cutting baggage allowance on the left while rising the fares on the right when you know that your home market is a price sensitive one. Labelling a RM 500++ return flight to KUL from East Malaysia as MATTA fares promo is simply a joke, one might better of buying AK premium flex with that price. Just gonna lose more market share to the red camp. I am a neutral passenger and members here, in fact I am still holding the Enrich co-brand card.
  6. Definitely not exepecting MAB to do any revamp or whatever overhaul on cabin interior, but at least do a proper maintainenace, else I believe sometimes down tbe road they would end up with the same state as MASwings of having the need to spend millions to overhaul the cabin due to torn seats and dated cabin! With the much reduced benefits for domestic flights coupled with much higher "promo fares", plus a possible cancellation anytime due to ongoing crew issue with "lucky draw" on LCC like cabin, it simply not justify the price that they charge now. Took a flight earlier this month during one of the Public Holiday, slightly over 50% load only, that should imply something I believe.
  7. MAB do not need a LCC, their current state already look like an LCC anyway, the non-BSI is still there for passengers "lucky draw", those BSI birds are not really being kept up to standard as well (IFE is lagging, the BSI interior can sense "black dot"). Even those miscellaneous adds on while booking making one feels I am buying an LCC ticket. The high economy promo fares currently also a drawback. Just derail a bit, can someone tell why despite overcapacity and bleeding; SZB fares cannot go down back to 2 digit fares (below 50 per way) instead? RM 189 - RM 200 per way is way too much.
  8. Sadly tried dummy, NRT will indeed be on A320; up to 6.5 hours block time non stop.
  9. Nope, "amazingly" the afternoon run of KCH-MYY-KCH did fly. I believed they did managed to did that last minutes as they dont offer rerouted to the afternoon run on the same day, instead many were given maswings' 9pm+ departure run. SIN run both side were cancelled.
  10. Just a late share of what happened with my flight, MH643, 21/07/18. Check in was proceeded as usual, after checked in I started to log on to flight24, noted that the incoming flight had no way to be seen; immediately I sensed that something may not be in order. Went to boarding hall, passengers started to gathered. 8am sharp (where incoming MH2802 should landed), the ETD screen changed to "DELAYED". Some started to ask the ground staffs (I also approached them later on, whereby I said confirmed delayed or not as years ago I had previously experienced of "late incoming aircraft which turned out to be no plane on the way", i.e. flight cancelled). Reason cited was one of the pilot had taken MC, so no replacement flight crew thus aircraft cannot fly; they still trying to locate a replacement crew. By around 8.35 am, flight24 had shown status as cancelled, I showed it to the ground crew; the looks was like they cant believed their eyes as their system had not yet turned "CANCELLED". Minutes later only announcement came it is indeed confirmed cancelled. The next story was spending almost 2 hours to get the tickets refunded or re-routed. I chosen the former. Now I really had a no confident vote for their MYY-KCH-MYY sectors (as I plan to redo the trip sometime later), since the aircraft rotation pattern was KCH-MYY-KCH-SIN-KCH-MYY-KCH. With the red cap due to fly 39 weekly, believe they will further dominate the route soon as oppose to 14 weekly by MH.
  11. MXC was on the ground at MYY for almost 24 hours on Saturday (after arriving as MH 2598 on Friday night) as MH2551 was retimed from 0600 to nearly 2100, a whopping 14 hours delay for a narrowbody operation. Today's flights bound for KUL was down to 2, another 2 has been cancelled. Looks like tough time ahead for MH's B738 operation. Tomorrow will be another round of 40% discounted fares sales (received Priority Booking SMS from CIMB).
  12. MTH only done LGK return sectors one whole daylight after returning from PEK today, something is not right with A330 as well perhaps? Previously they claimed not enough widebodies, now can sit on the ground for so long?
  13. I believe MASwings' MYY-KCH-MYY are making money mainly due to the fact that MAS do not fly that sectors at night anymore and some businessman do day trip to and fro both cities. So timing fit their purpose. Or when AK price is higher than MASwings offer price when the travellers need frills. Yeah, if B737 or ATR or A320 cant work; get some new types of the right size that fit East Malaysian market. Most importantly, connectivity cannot be lost. But i doubt AK cannot make it work generally. They should be seeing the potential, else it wouldnt be upgrading from 7x weekly during the good old days till a whopping 29x weekly from 26 Dec for MYY-KCH-MYY. Same goes for BTU and SBW city pair from KCH, 3x daily should be a sufficient connectivity. If no demand, I don't see TF will want to increase frequencies. Yes, AK MYY-BKI-MYY timing is quite not conveience honestly. Wonders would there be any frequencies upsizing after MASwings pulled out. I remembered during the initial days when MAS fully passed this route to them, mostly ate direct flights; now ample are routed via LBU, so guess Jahur is correct also, load is a mixed bag. But dont think MYY-LBU-MYY will be much affected, is not on the axed list and yet they still have the demand from the oil and gas sectors.
  14. East Malaysian had not been able to understand for a decade already! Believe Malaysia Airlines need to be backed for those sectors that it had handed to MASwings only, else we would be dependent on Air Asia already. Also time for Malindo Air moved some surplus ATR here! But mind you, no BKI-SBW-BKI which sibu folks had been demanded AK to be backed for years.
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