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  1. Worth reading http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/doubts-over-russian-media-satellite-image-claiming-to-show-mh17-shot-down-by-ukrainian-fighter-jet/story-fnizu68q-1227123846130
  2. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324162304578305522771195456.html KUALA LUMPUR—AirAsia X Bhd 5099.KU 0.00% ., the long-haul arm of Southeast Asia's largest budget carrier by fleet size, is likely to delay a planned $250 million initial public offering in Malaysia until after general elections there are held, two people familiar with the process said Friday. AirAsia X, a unit of AirAsia Bhd., had planned to list by March, one of the people said. "The elections will likely cause a slight delay," the person said. Malaysia's general elections are required by law to be held by June 27, but are widely expected to take place earlier. State-run news agency Bernama on Thursday quoted Prime Minister Najib Razak as saying Parliament could be dissolved "very, very soon." Investors in Malaysia's equity markets often turn jittery before and immediately after general elections. In 2008, the 30-share benchmark Kuala Lumpur Composite Index tumbled nearly 10% on the first day of trading after the National Front coalition, which has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957, lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament for the first time. "It is smart to let the election risk pass, so that investors can take better-informed decisions," the second person said. Last year was a banner year for IPOs in Malaysia, which vaulted to fifth place globally by deal value. It is expected to struggle to retain that ranking this year, but a number of big-ticket deals, such as power producer Malakoff Corp Bhd.'s planned $1 billion IPO, will help keep the country in the deals headlines. In any case, it looks to be a busy market year for AirAsia. Chief Executive Tony Fernandes told The Wall Street Journal last month that the group hopes to list Indonesia AirAsia, in which it holds 49%, on the Jakarta stock exchange in the third quarter. AirAsia X still plans to sell up to 790 million shares—equivalent to a one-third stake—in its IPO, one of the people said. According to the draft prospectus, 685.6 million shares were to be allotted to institutional investors and 104.4 million shares to retail investors. The company hasn't disclosed the pricing. More than half of IPO proceeds will be used to repay bank loans, while around a fifth will fund capital expenditure, including the purchase of equipment and spare parts for aircraft, the prospectus said. AirAsia X owns a fleet of nine Airbus A330-300s for scheduled services and has two A340-300s for wet-lease and charter operations flying to 12 destinations across Asia and the Middle East. The company has appointed CIMB Investment Bank as its principal adviser to the IPO. Maybank Investment Bank, 1155.KU -0.78% CIMB and Credit SuisseCSGN.VX -0.48% are the joint global coordinators. Write to Abhrajit Gangopadhyay at Abhrajit.gangopadhyay@dowjones.com
  3. The ML series are leased. My guess is that the MS series will be with out IFE and will be owned by MH. Doubtfull that they will buy a 738 with out a winglet. It supposed to give a 5% saving on fuel.
  4. Ak business model was point to point service. Fly thorough ...giving people conveniences to connect through to other flight ...without extra changes...TF must be going mad!! May be he has learned something for some else.
  5. I hope thier plan to decommision those jumbo is still on....its too old and has to go ... If this happens than those 380 could be used to Syd. Well until I physically see a MAS 380 at mascot, I would not believe anything anyone says. Its the joy and perks of flying anything posiable airline. You never know what you will get !!.
  6. bought a ticket with them to do Syd- Kul in November just to fly the 380, even though the red one was cheaper by $300. ah...now feeling cheated of the opportunity. Been a loyal supporter for many years.... Should have just booked with the red one and saved some money. At least you know what expect with the red one, a small seat for 8 hrs.
  7. When is the delivery ....it should be happening soon. Will be doing Syd -Kul with it on Oct.
  8. There is no ILS in OOL . You would have to look out the window to land. Surprisingly other regional airport have in in Oz but not OOL
  9. Another premium airline out of Subang, great idea!! Don’t have to travel another 50+ km to Klia. Save time and money. Offer reasonable price for flight around SEA, I'm all yours. MH and FY can always buy me back with irresistible ticket price. So please go ahead and compete. TF: Salute to you for having the b ls to stir around... keep it coming man !!.
  10. Plane rage pops business-class bubbles Nino Bucci July 27, 2011 - 3:08PM Khairulddin Mohammad Yahya. Photo: Paul Rovere A judge has told a Melbourne University honours graduate who had to be handcuffed and bound to his seat during a flight that he should not have interrupted business class passengers from enjoying their champagne. Khairulddin Mohammad Yahya swore loudly at the inflight supervisor and repeatedly poked him in the chest - behaviour described in court earlier this year as similar to that of a terrorist - before the captain left the cockpit to deal with him. But Judge Geoffrey Chettle said in the County Court today that Yahya had made no reference to bombs or terrorism during the incident, which started when Yahya attempted to sit with his mother in business class on the Malaysian Airlines flight in July 2009. Advertisement: Story continues below Yahya, 22, had pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour on an aircraft but was appealing the conviction and $1500 fine he was sentenced to in April this year. Senior magistrate Dan Muling told him at the time: "It's like you're a terrorist on a plane". Judge Chettle overturned the conviction but ordered Yahya to pay $2000 to UNICEF and placed him on a 12-month good behaviour bond. He said Yahya's behaviour was unacceptable but young men and university students had always done stupid things. "It was offensive behaviour, and it just happened to occur in an aeroplane and not on the street," he said. "People on aeroplanes are entitled to sit in business class and drink their champagne without dealing with unruly passengers. "If it had been on the bus, he would have been thrown off, but they can't throw him off an aeroplane." Prosecutor Matt Challen said Yahya's mother had requested an upgrade for her son about two hours after leaving Malaysia but when it was refused he sat next to her anyway. He was repeatedly told to return to economy class, only to return to business class minutes later. Less than three hours before arriving in Melbourne, Yahya called the cabin supervisor a "motherf-----" and said "f--- all of you" after he was again confronted about sitting in the wrong area. He also poked the man several times in the chest. The captain, who noticed Yahya slurred his words and smelt of alcohol, asked his mother to tell him to return to his seat and stop harassing the crew. Yahya complied, but later returned four times to business class before he was handcuffed in his seat and then was restrained with his ankles tied with tape. Mr Challen said his mother collapsed and screamed hysterically when she tried to loosen his handcuffs and take him to the toilet. Defence barrister Tony Burns said Yahya wanted to sit with his mother because she had a long history of suffering migraines and anxiety problems. He said his client drank four heavy beers over about 10 hours before the incident. Mr Burns said Yahya's prospects of gaining employment and permanent residency would be damaged if the conviction was upheld. Yahya graduated as a chemical engineer with honours last year and had been offered a job in Western Australia, while his permanent residency application was pending. The former Geelong Grammar student, whose father is the chairman of a Malaysian company, had been sent to Australia from Malaysia to study in 2003. Mr Burns said Yahya was the first member of his family who had been in trouble with the law. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-incidents/plane-rage-pops-businessclass-bubbles-20110727-1hzon.html#ixzz1THkflmUd
  11. Hi David, Is there any talk with in the company to replace the DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 series with the newer 400 series. Those old birds need to go.
  12. what going to happen to the 2 jet. Does Malta own then now
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