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  1. Azran must be snorting some serious stuff over there or is this am attempt to insult our intelligence. 100% unadulterated muck.
  2. Yes there is another airline at 3,295 all in.
  3. I still remember a cry calling MH management a bunch of morons for not mounting more SIN-KCH vv, not so long ago.
  4. I think it is more a case of waiting for more incentives from Abu Dhabi and nothing about aircraft and seats. The money from Abu Dhabi will be used to offset the cost of operations and route development/promotional cost.
  5. Woohoooo, AK, way to go. Start with a big fanfare, history in the making and all. Then when the commercials dont work, quietly pull out blaming it on the aircraft or something amongst the fanfare of the India intro. I guess the only aircraft that will be suitable for you is a free one, like the only LCCT that is suitable is one where you are paid to use. You didn't factor in the cost of route building did you? In the past, this has been done for you. Hey what about KUA?
  6. I love it for many reasons especially the creativity. Thanks Andrew
  7. Still at 800m huh? I guess the baby was delivered almost during touchdown.
  8. Correct. Tiger and Silk Air (or even AK) will be feeders into SIN for onwards connections on SQ or other carriers.
  9. They have yield management (Revenue Management to be more precise) but they dont have yield managers. Anyone can throw 0.5M free seats and bump up their load factor almost overnight. Then go bragging about it. There something wrong somewhere or someone has got the KPIs all messed up in their heads.
  10. Dont be so sensitive. Read my post carefully. This is not about bashing AK, it is about "Now Everyone Can Fly Safely On Any Airline" I'm ending my postings with this statement, "When In Love, Wart Look Beautiful, Fart Smells Like Perfume". Nothing can beat it.
  11. You and Tony seem so sure of yourself that these have not been reported. My advise is dont be. Get the facts first. If you are not in possession of the facts, please dont make statements like that. At least KK is non-accusatory.
  12. 1. If I have not seen it for myself, I would not be saying it. 2. How can my suspicion be bullshit? You may have flown on AK, but ask the rest. You have not seen it and even if you have, you wont know what it is, and you deny the things shown on the video, so go ahead with your belief. You are lucky that the 737 have now been replaced by the A320. I guess we cant have an intelligent discourse.
  13. I think you are also missing my point. I am less bothered by the intent of the poster, as I am horrified by the facts that is presented by the video. I am not here to further his agenda. The fact remains that the video does reveal the state of Air Asia's aircraft maintenance generally and specifically the state of airworthiness of that particular aircraft. No one here can deny the fact shown by the video just because you suspect the agenda of the poster. In AK's effort to push the envelop of cost savings, I fear in some instances they have gone beyond acceptable levels of safety and is tempting fate. I have heard enough from my friends who are AK maintenance engineers and pilots about the scary state of AK aircraft (of course, I cannot substantiate this). These guys breathed a huge sigh of relief when AK renewed their fleet. This will buy them more time. The same goes to MH. This has been evidenced by the increase in incidents which have been traced to degrading level of maintenance as airlines strived to come to terms with maintenance cost in the increasingly challenging economic climate. I suspect the people here who defended AK and overlook the facts shown by the video do not fly with AK and as such their lives are not at stake. One cannot come in defence of AK just because it is "an organization that is climbing to the top" or by the statement "you get what you pay for". I say shame on you too. I am old school and I recall my mentor (a prominent person person in the aircraft engineering industry) "There is no compromise to safety, it is peoples lives that you are playing with". You can't say oops when a life is lost. I stand by that.
  14. This is how the other half handles the situation. http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=13286 Don't be too dangerously forgiving.
  15. Why should the size or business model of a carrier correspond to the level of safety that can be expected? Does it take a disaster for the realization to sink in?
  16. This is the agenda that has been circulated: 3rd Oct 09 (Saturday). Actual Day / Open for Public. 0900H - Base Open Crowd. 0915H - Arrival of Guests. 0930H - Arrival of Chief of RMAF. 0945H - Arrival of Chief of Armed Forces. 1000H - Arrival of Diplomats. 1015H - Arrival of Dignitaries. 1030H -1100H - C17 Demonstration. 1100H -1130H - Sukhoi Air Show. 1130H -1230H - Thunderbirds Air Show. 1245H -1300H - Autograph Signing by Thunderbirds Crew. 1300H - VVIP & pilot Photography session. Lunch. 1400H - Programme End.
  17. Read it again and you will find that Clause 4.1 refers to the fare and not Firefly's obligation and limitations of carriage. 4.1 imposes upon you of Firefly's limits on your entitlement for the fare you paid. 4.1 is a one way clause. Whereas 9.2.b states that Firefly can alter the schedule.
  18. Please read the Conditions of Carriage which can be found below before making erroneous statements about breach of contract. http://www.fireflyz.com.my/conditions-of-carriage/clause-9 Yes if on another airline, you would have ended up being delayed for many more hours or have had to cancel the trip entirely.
  19. I guess now Air Asia has trademarked "Purchasing of Airbuses". Anyone else even talking to Airbus would be copying their aircraft fleet strategy. Childish, pure unadulterated childishness and bad talk from a "CEO".
  20. Sell Malaysian-lah - Kueh Keria
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