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  1. too bad, meetings line up this morning or else, i'll be there before 10. anything interesting?
  2. no portable IFE on that flight. but during Kul-Cmb earlier on 737-8, they did provide portable IFE.
  3. was on MLF from CMB to KUL early this morning, no PTV or even portable IFE for business class. no leg support (i don't know what it's called, the one that support your leg when u recline the seat) ... even though the seat is comfortable, still leg support would make it much better!
  4. Had same experience two days ago .. i was traveling on Business Class from KUL to CMB and my bag makes an appearance on carousel after half an hour waiting in between economy class baggage. To my surprise, my padlock gone. Combination lock was on use (which was not on use during checked-in). Nothing has been touched as it's all my personal belonging and no valuable items.
  5. Just read in enrich 10 years website that if you are enrich gold and traveling on Business Class, you are entitle to use First Class Lounge in KLIA ... if knew earlier, i might use it on my recent trip!
  6. errkkk .. if its the same seats arrangement of current 738, i would say, it's not gonna be pleasant flight .. not much legroom & comfort!
  7. Enrich has just upgraded me to Gold!! wow .. thanks awesome! .. Thank you very much Enrich .. The letter says .."Although you may not have accumulated the Enrich Miles required for Gold status, you'll be pleased to know we've reserved this special privilege just for you because of your undivided loyalty to Malaysia Airlines and Enrich."
  8. didn't realized MalaysianWings has member in Hanoi (sorry for my ignorance!) Just got back from Hanoi after spending 6 days there. Tuan Khiem, u've all nice shots!!
  9. try self check in kiosk and drop luggage at the drop-in counter
  10. All must be excited for this direct route. Iran air has been monopolized for so long and their flight mostly full all the time. Looking forward for more new Air Asia destination in promoting Malaysia, not competing MAS
  11. The only option for direct flight is on Iran Air
  12. wow, this is great news .. don't have to waste 1hr transit at MLE to CMB. Even timing by AK more convenient but pax will choose MH on comfort etc.
  13. i would say, the plane's safety manual is very well presented and easily understood by pax that the little spoken english monk has proven by opening the emergency exit.
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