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  1. Maybe it is KJT - Kertajati International Airport the new airport built to replace Bandung's current Husein Sastranegara International Airport which is said to only handle domestic flights in the near future. Currently it's a huge white elephant with hardly any flights, so the talk is that all international flight may soon be forced to transfer there from BDO. With bad land connection, I would just fly to Jakarta and take a bus or train to Bandung as Damri already has transfers from CGK and the railway company is talking of starting some of the regular Argo Parahyangan trains from CGK to Bandung.
  2. Alan B.


    https://www.nst.com.my/business/2018/03/345125/mahb-clarifies-klia3-report Now they say it was a misunderstanding and a misquote.
  3. In anticipation of the A330, OD had advertised for experienced male cabin crew and hired 17 of them. Yesterday while they were attending training, HR came in and terminated their services.
  4. I was too young, around 5 or 6 to ask her those questions. I just would spend hours looking at all the stuff she got from the plane. I have to say it sparked my interest in aviation
  5. I remember my grandmother taking a 737 charter flight operated by Britannia Airways to London in the early 1970's
  6. BA used to have KUL based crew in the 90's and so did Northwest. Today I think Korean also has Malaysian based crew. I knew a Malaysian steward who was with Ansett.
  7. MAB is now really a General Sales Agent for Emirates with a more bigger commission than normal.
  8. AirAsia will provide a free shuttle bus service between Terminal 1 and 2 from 1st to 7th December for passengers who end up in the wrong terminal.
  9. They also held interviews for cabin crew last weekend
  10. There is currently an incentive group of about 2000 persons from China that are visiting Ipoh, Penang and Langkawi before returning to KL for a convention.
  11. The one in Feb will be for one of the DXB-KUL-DXB flights. So by final quarter EK will have 2 A380 per day to KUL
  12. I understand that Emirates will upgrade the DXB-KUL-MELvv flight to A380 during the winter 2015.
  13. When at LCCT, the AirAsia kioks also issues the baggage tag. When I used the SITA kioks at KLIA2 it only issues boarding passes.
  14. Totally agree. The menu on regional flights are just unhealty oily carbo saturated rubbish.
  15. I too was served the same and also complained. It's just plain sambal and half an egg. The kind you get for RM1 at a warong, not something that you expect to be served on a full service airline. This was the kind that was served during the hight of the Idris Jala cost cutting. It returned back to the normal serving when AJ took over but looks like it's back again.
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