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  1. Andi C

    BKI 2020

    Is AK moving ops to T2? I saw 3 of their A320s parked there & their GSEs are also there
  2. anyone got a shot of the A400 at T2 today?
  3. Anyone been to 'World Trael Cafe' @ Aeropod for spotting? Seems to be quite a lot of RW20 landings these few days https://web.facebook.com/worldtravelcafes
  4. what/whose private jet was musa aman traveling on?
  5. Water cannon salute for MF's inaugural nonstop PEK-BKI flight https://youtu.be/uyAv3nRUrX0
  6. Got water cannon ceremony today for MH's A350 ... lol https://web.facebook.com/sabahsinchewdaily/videos/1972517542765448/
  7. Today (7JAN18) was the last day of operation for Cathay Dragon out of BKI
  8. Cattle re-supply for Desa
  9. A friend of mine who was suppose to fly Rayani Air today received an SMS saying RN131 BKI-KUL has been cancelled due to pilot strike
  10. Seems like AK/D7's A330 is a twice daily occurrence now, coded AK 8XXX
  11. Corrections: It's actually a Boeing E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post. Not Boeing VC-25 designated for AF1
  12. 'Air Force One' (not sure if it's desginated that) just landed [/url]
  13. Here u go! V-22 Ospreys at the 'Fokker Lounge'
  14. Saw a red-tailed B737 parked at T1's bay 8 for a few days already. Anyone can shed some light?
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