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  1. I still think that there are other options that have not been thoroughly explored to help MAS. This must surely not be the only solution or the inevitable has many put it. If I may add, I am wondering if this is a "bailout" of MH or AK????
  2. Finally someone with a little more on his shoulders. Pretty much of the problem that MH is facing today is made worse and all the more difficult to get out of by........the wonder kid Idris Jala....route/frequency cuts, 5 Star value carrier, domestic route rationalization, bad fuel hedging, deferment of fleet renewal, cuts in catering - meal box, zero advertising, zero fare, PSS, VSS .....all his. Go Idris, first MH, now the nation....
  3. Frankly, after having flown AK several times, these people aren't missing much.
  4. When will MAS get it right. I had a terrible time doing my booking. 27 times and it still didnt go thru. I give up.
  5. Yes I have been to and driven in Sabah. I have driven a 4WD into the jungle where there is only a trace of a path outside KK. Worked in Kuching in 1977 and first went to Sabah in 1978 (befoer many here were even born). Last I went to KK was in Oct last year. And the roads aren't that bad there. They can be better planned but unless the city is built on a greenfield site, it is impossible to fix all the problems without drastic measures. So I seen them grow. Unlike you, I will still not put ourselves down.
  6. Says who? Have you? I have, as recently as 3 weeks ago. And too many times over many years to mention. I will always find the coastal road from TGG to KUA as one of the most scenic roads and enjoyable drives in Malaysia. I have driven on the coastal road from Johor Bahru, Mersing, Rompin, Pekan, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh and onto Kota Bahru. I find it no more dangerous than any other roads in Malaysia. Having driven extensively almost all over the world, I can attest that there are other more "advanced" countries with more appalling road conditions than Malaysia. So lets not put ourselves down.
  7. Wrong flight for that to happen cos I recognize one of the faces. She does prebook the meals. This I know for a fact cos she has done it for me and has never failed to do it for her Clients.
  8. First it was Johor. Then it was Penang. Then Perak. Sabah, Sarawak and now Terengganu. I think there was also Melaka at one time. Take their money and run. Suckers.
  9. I agree and I certainly dont know the full story and dont assume to know. I therefore dont cast aspersions. I can only evaluate it based on what I see.
  10. Where do you get off? It makes a lot of sense and it is good especially for the Passengers if AK moves to T1.
  11. Just downloaded an application for the MAS Going Places Inflight Magazine on the iPad from the Apple iTunes App Store. Looks like they have separated the magazine from the Select inflight entertainment guide and the MH general info. I guess this is to improve the download time. Saw a couple of videos in the magazine. One is on the 738. The other on the Panamera. Cool. MH going places.
  12. I dont think hearing it from the guy who actually did the work is hear say.
  13. During the previous incident in KK, it was pretty much the work of my friends in MH Engineering who got the AK aircraft out of the way so that operations can resume. The AK crew didn't know what to do. They were at a lost and they did not have the equipment. It was MH who came to the rescue. In the end Tony crowed that it was all the work of the AK crew. The friend of mine who worked on it is really peeved by it. Watch this.
  14. He's not stupid. He's clever, very clever. He raves and rants, cry bloody foul to get what he wants. When he does get what he wants, he'll blame someone else when he screws up or dumps it back when he cant make it work. All the time, he makes a huge money for himself along the way. He never looses (money that is). Remember RAS. How the AK fanboys forget. He takes everyone for a ride, literally. So for everyone who can now fly, enjoy the ride whilst being lied to and robbed. Stand-up everyone who can't now fly without aerobridge. Oops you've all gone to the other airlines.
  15. Oh my lord. What are they for?? How do I get a ride in them? I only travel on BC. Gotta get me a VIP tag.
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