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  1. Thanks! Now autumn is coming...probably makes it easier to go spotting in the afternoon! haha!
  2. DSC_3561 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3571 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3603 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3608 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3647 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3654 by dominicchin87, on Flickr no worries! my pleasure!
  3. DSC_3483 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3502 by dominicchin87, on Flickr DSC_3514 by dominicchin87, on Flickr First time panning DSC_3537 by dominicchin87, on Flickr More to come.....
  4. Some photos to share on my first spotting trip. Never had the chance to go spotting in my 4 years uni life in PER and thankfully for the cooler weather I went spotting with a camera which belongs to a friend of mine. Here are the photos! Enjoy!! PER's Observation Hill at 0645hrs DSC_2976 by dominicchin87, on Flickr[/img]
  5. Hi all! Not sure whether this topic had already been discussed or not. Anyway, on my flight on board tiger airways, the seats at the emergency exits are empty and then the FA soon asked a number of ppl to fill up the seats and briefed them on the emergency procedures. However, on my flight with air asia, the Hot seats near the emergency exits are empty and the FA never asked ppl to fill up. Instead, when someone tried to sit there, he was asked to return to his original seat. I wonder is this appropriate in terms of safety? Please advice. Cheers!
  6. Hi all! Need some opinion on how to get to lcct from klia. I've checked the klia website and it says something about airportliner and cityliner which will bring me from klia (MTB) to lcct. Could any of you help me out here? Where should i go for the bus? What is the frequency of it on sunday? Thanks a lot for all your help! Appreciate it!
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