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  1. Add Jupiter Team from Indonesia http://www.limaexhibition.com/download/list_of_attending_aircrafts.pdf
  2. Hello, only four month to go and no topic in this forum!?! ;-) Seems, Black Eagles are confirmed! Are there more confirmations or rumours? Cheers! Sascha
  3. Spotters-Dinner: My proposal: Meet Thursday at 2000h in front of the Aquarium and looking for a restaurant in this area?
  4. Spotters-Dinner? Hello, one week to go! Me and three friends from Germany will leave Europe with destination Langkawi on friday night. After a short stop in KL, we'll arrive on sunday in late afternoon. It seems, spotters/photographers from many countries will visit the LIMA. It's a good opportunity, to meet each other for dinner or breakfast or some drinks!?! Someone interested in an international spotters-meet? Would be a pleasure to meet you! Cheers! Sascha
  5. Rumour from twitter: RTAF Gripen will be on static display only!
  6. Ups, no August1st and Black Knights only with three a/c!?! Not the best news ...
  7. Offical update: No big surprises: Among others: B-52 fly-by, A380 fly-by (with Susis?) and Black Knights only with 3xF-16 http://www.lima.com.my/GUI/pdf/List%20of%20Aircrafts.pdf Guess, this is the final list!?
  8. What are the latest news or rumors? Read, that the B-52 will shown in static-display only!?
  9. Big update on www.lima.com.my: 81 and Black Knights with 6xF-16 confirmed!
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