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  1. the moment everyone waited for the touchdown the deceleration the closing in on taxiway D the escort by live stream team and our taikos
  2. mr.sun came out early for a little fun, but shied away not long after. thats owhkay you know. these people are always prepared for whatever nature has to surprise. these guys here are made sure livestream was uninterrupted.
  3. some test shots while getting ourselves ready for todays subject all praise to the majesty queen of the skies. for without you aviation is not like what it is today. i do miss you a lot! and you little ego, just how long more before you give up flying
  4. Regal Airport Hotel offers the best view for spotters who wish to stay away from the sun
  5. EXCELLENT topic this will be. And please, NO SENIORITY system here
  6. An OVERSIZED cargo friendly plane. Looking up at the nose from ground. Belly of the jumbo. no scratches, no dents, no trails of fluid leaks PW4062, 63,300lbs of thrust. no birds, no dents, no damages Landing lights as well as wing light. Static dischargers (small 'antenna' sticking out from the winglets, ailerons, tails and some other part of the plane) . 68 of them on the jumbo. Check that all of them are there. Port side wing. Must be clean. No ice no snow on the surface particularly during winter operations.
  7. good weather, good traffic. time 1525. M30-12 doing low level overshoot and couple of touch and go. time 1532. Convoy 7342 appeared over the threshold. 1725LT Reach 510 got airborne with 37 on board. Destination VVTS 1730LT
  8. grey hound is here again! subang is still giving a lot of surprises to all of us buckets were deployed late today not seen this before. Reach 501 from Yokota AFB
  9. Virgin the red nosed 737. Lining up 16R Overview of Sydney
  10. bitter sweet memory with you...
  11. spotting on a sunny day under shades and free aircond!
  12. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/418960_10151036886051137_1996872651_n.jpg
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