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  1. 6 Feb 2020 EY Greenliner first visit to KUL
  2. For those new to this site, before you jump in joy to start your car or wanted to book your plane ticket here, read on post dated December 22 2019 by KS Ong to look at the recent development -->http://www.malaysianwings.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21379-kul-32l-2019/page/2/#comments
  3. Ah Ong, thanks for sharing the above photos about the latest development at Anjung Spotter. It seems like within the organisation, there are departments against each other. Anjung Spotter is there which is great, yet some genius decided to hang wires and CDs to obstruct the vantage views. The above development certainly bringing me to link to the current New Malaysia kind of development. The head carried out so initial plans but on the other level, they will derail or make the plans to fail. Of course I am not saying the above Anjung Spotter issue is political linked, just how I feel about the similarity of the two. Well, thanks for the Anjung Spotter but I will have to move on to other places until the wire and CDs are gone.
  4. Chaity

    KUL 14L 2019

    Flee, nice catch of Peach in KUL skies. Thanks for the info about Vanilla Air as I was not aware of it.
  5. Chaity

    KUL 14L 2019

    Some shots for KUL on 25 Oct 2019 SV is using B787-10 with higher capacity EY ADNOC Choose Thailand BR also sending their A333 special
  6. Chaity

    KUL 14R 2019

    Caught this Troy again after a year against our end of year rainy season with the rainbow also joining the fun !
  7. Azahan, the A380 shot is just
  8. A220-300 back from her demo flight around an hour later
  9. Chaity

    KUL 14L 2019

    29 July 2019 PR-ZIQ E195-E2 arriving from HLP Indonesia Nice color scheme
  10. Chaity

    KUL 14L 2019

    Air Arabia started their scheduled service in early July 2019. Nice looking A321N that I managed to catch on 5 July 2019
  11. Many thanks to Ah Ong for covering this important event for recognising plane spotters at last. You did sum up well in the first paragraph the challenges and frustrations most of us were facing during the olden days ! My wish is simple for all visitors to Anjung Spotter to up keep and maintain the place for all to enjoy in years to come.
  12. The structure is ready and work still in progress. It is not open yet with workers working there. If you ask nicely, they may allow you to be on the platform as long as not obstructing the work. Photo taken last week
  13. EY Special Olympics in KUL today
  14. Azahan, AK colors never look so good ! Perhaps AK should paint their aircraft in Yellow, Orange etc ISO Red
  15. Azahan, you stayed until the last light ! Thanks Flee for digging out the old thread. I had some fun time reading and seeing the photos. A lot of jokers in Mwings. Adding some old skool shots again Nice looking aircraft Like going back in time seeing all old MH colors in one frame A bit of bonus when bored with all the usual stuff earlier
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