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  1. hı pieter ı thınk convıasa leased ıran aır or mahan aır saha 707 ıs stıll flyıng ı dıdnt flyıng wıth 707 but ı flew iranairtour tu-154 and ıranaır 727 ıt were very nıce cheers ılgaz
  2. http://www.sanalpilot.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14595
  3. Thank you for nice words. pieter peter de jong is in istanbul we have taken together.When will you come again to istanbul.I will go to Iran on 9 november wıth my friend for spotting and we will go by kish air TU-154. We are waiting all malaysianwings forum members. best regards from istanbul Ilgaz
  4. Originally posted by etihad777 - 05/11/2009 : 22:53:42
  5. Originally posted by etihad777 - 14/10/2009 : 23:32:04
  6. http://www.sanalpilot.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14242 pieter finally ı am at home but ı miss lebanon;))) when will you come to turkey? Ilgaz
  7. Nice photos. I am still in lebanon. Cheers ILgaz
  8. ex-delta and kam air she is flying to ıraq
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