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  1. PR spin for "it wasn't supposed to be for us, but we'll take them anyway"
  2. 180Y...what will its seat pitch be...
  3. Seems like their 'Jet Age' never happened....
  4. No news of his 787? http://boeing-test-flights.blogspot.my/2015/08/n508bj-b787-8-bbjhis-majesty-sultons_31.html
  5. Common sense actually. And the tabloid make it sounds more serious than it actually is. People rather #prayforblablabla
  6. cant understand why they (RMAF/Airbus?) dont let visitors in the A400, while you can practically touch and enter the other military displays (except the F-22 of course)
  7. Light blue: MH old cheatline + 1st gen malaysiaairlines blue Darker blue: MH current malaysiaairlines 'death' blue (pun made by someone after the A380 livery)
  8. So the big, white circus tent next to MASkargo is KLAS new warehouse? Interesting
  9. Thanks Update on deliveries: Malindo 9M-LNW 2015-10-16 Seattle (BFI) Kuala Lumpur (SZB) - - 05:09 - Landed 04:34
  10. Anybody knows which batch of 737 were supposed to go to Firefly after 9M-FFF, had they not been prematurely killed? I guess its the ML + MS series?
  11. ...& some people call it a quiet, boring white elephant...
  12. 11/02/14 KCH-KUL morning flight..Nasi Lemak still nude..& this coming from the kch based catering ...mutual seperation scheme being offered to senior/long serving crews. so...
  13. do I get one as well? should have taken the flight had i known they offered those compensation..instead of them sending me on the direct, PACKED MH flight to BKI (seated last row on 9M-FFC...adding to my misery )
  14. N888GY change owner? a KCH regular visitor...
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