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  1. thx Mohd Azizul...Ian is catching up fast..haha
  2. thx ppl!!! special thx to taiko... Ikman, the 1 in kosmo is not mine...
  3. http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=15374&st=0&gopid=271165entry271165
  4. it was a lazy morning when taiko of KCH order me to take pictures of the incident.."roger taiko..." so i went to 25 hill and these are what i got..in the rain!!! from new airport road nvr know kch has so much spotters and their cars continue spotters spotted
  5. Hi all, 1st of all, a very happy new year to all of you reading this. This happen to be the very first post of our 2011 KCH spotting collection. Well, its a brand new year and everyone is hoping for a good one and so, i will only leave a greeting here and the pictures of the AK incident next.
  6. oh pls...just dont think of KCH..u will regret for life.. 1. we dont have a good spotting location. 2. traffic with 320, atr-72 and 734 only.. 330 like once or twice a day. Most probably u will only see MH and AK 3. blue sky appears once in a blue moon
  7. no need to do something stupid like he did..
  8. you went through the sign up process just to question on something like this?? why you care?? do we bother u from living? WTF
  9. the flight too smooth and slept in the toilet or what? this is a bit illogical..
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