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  1. First and foremost, cost. Twins are more expensive up front, and more expensive to operate compared to single engine. Simply put, double the engine, double the complexity, double the fuel etc of a single engine. Anything that is subsidized will never last, so may as well get it over with and use cost effective options to get the job done. Don't "plan for the next 30 years" and build faraway airports just to cater less than 10 flights a day with planes that are too big for their purpose ! In terms of safety, have you experienced an engine failure in flight ? If not, then the chances of it happening on a single engine is the same. There's no guarantee either that the crew will know how to manage a engine failure situation in multi-engine aircraft ie: TransAsia Airways Flight 235 RAS should be plain and simple, like a bus ride. Pay RM100 and fly for an hour ... not the current way of compulsory pre-booking, loyalty program, moving prices ... wrong model for it's purpose.
  2. they need to approach RAS with a different mind-set. Equipment type is all wrong, (ATR72 and DHC) .. it should be floatplanes and single engine types to really serve it's purpose. Example people in Kapit need to travel 5 hours by BOAT to reach their nearest airport in Sibu. If taking Bintulu - Sibu flight, the journey to the airport (half hour) is longer than the actual flight time !
  3. so keeping the A380 while the major operators are letting them go ? wonder if the "skid marks" represent hesitation or even braking efforts from an intellectual 🤣 Livery wise, it's a good combo as gold goes well with dark or red. not too sure if coloring around the door edges will last as long ... or if wings are even allowed to be painted ? missing a marketing opportunity leaving those engine nacelles blank. Athough if coloring them black with gold wau, may just be too close of a reminder to petroleum oil ?
  4. any idea what this Basler BT-67 does? seen in Bintulu at regular intervals as well. best guess for O&G, but "Bell GeoSpace" is a long way away for a retro-fitted turboprop ! does it even go "home" ?
  5. do you have a contact (preferably a instructor) who I can check with ? Also in case anyone is interested , reply from MFA :
  6. Hi all , Resurrecting this topic 8 years on ! Still haven't gotten started on PPL and with the recent COVID19 , things are going very slow work-wise. Sliver lining is a possible break (career wise) to pursue this 🙂 Re-looking into getting a PPL in Malaysia, thankfully MFA now states on their website such a course would take 3 months full-time. Wondering if anyone has other suggestions ? Open to options such as Australia as well IF there is a clear advantage in doing so.
  7. wish they could have included all the state flags or emblems & Malaysia flag into the design. far cry from the very memorable Hibiscus livery.
  8. was it 2015 when the Domestic GL was last closed ? Added the noodle bar but left out fixing the toilet / showers Silver lining was Maggi Cup noodles at B3 which IMHO are much tastier that Noodle Bar offerings. Since both lounges (and maybe SIN?) are re-opening on the same day, good chance of a new lounge style launch ?
  9. any idea what will happen to the CX lounge ? been staffed by Plaza Premium people for the past 2 years, will it become another PP lounge ?
  10. glad everyone is safe from this mishap. what happened has happened, however it seems both MABs (Malaysia Airlines & Malaysia Airport Holdings) lack prep to deal with incidents at airports other than KLIA. Sibu airport only expected to open 10/4 Monday Noon. 37 hours to clear a runway ? News reports pending "Recovery Kit" from Kuching & Kuala Lumpur. Kuching is only 4 hours drive by bus, couldn't the equipment come on a trailer ? Also didn't see the logo or titles masked over on the aircraft. Isn't this a logical step to minimize bad publicity ?
  11. so further clarification from Enrich, is that Q fare (Economy Promo) on MasWings are not eligible for sectors/miles. Yet on MH's own website http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/us/en/enrich/earn-enrich-miles.html it says 25% accrual. I usually plan my flights to keep my Enrich Gold, and this throws me off by almost 20 sectors .
  12. seems MasWings never register Enrich sector/miles since 2016 ... anyone else facing the same issue ? even more annoying, was told I could not claim for some of my MasWings tickets because it's a promo rate.
  13. don't quite understand the logic with MH's "flash" sales recently. why can't they just allocate certain number of seats at their lowest price to entice people to FIRST look at MH before anyone else ?
  14. actually on MH if you really want the whole can, order the Diet Coke or Tomato Juice
  15. well as least this brings it in line with the KUL/KCH - SIN no alcohol served policy ... even when these flights operated as "First" (till sometime 2010?) and Economy cabin. (any idea why the typical business seats were sold as "First" ?)
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