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  1. Been following the Thomas Cook story for a while as I'm somewhat involved on the professional side. Have to say the govt. response has been amazing. English Newspapers have been highlighting news of people spending nights at the airport or being kicked out of hotels, but this is really a very very small portion of the hundreds of thousands of people who are apparently "stranded". For 99% of customers who are on their vacation, they can continue their vacation as before with the only downside being that their flight home might be delayed by a few hours or they may have to be bussed when arriving at alternate airports. The ones affected the worst are the ones due to leave for their vacation in the next weeks as they will have to find an alternative. At least they will get their money back from ATOL or CAA or other govt. imposed scheme in whatever EU country they booked their holidays. The MH380 will fly twice a day between MAN and PMI for the next week. It replaces PMI flights to MAN/BHX/ and some other small airports. Flying that route twice a day- does anyone know if MH sent 2 sets of crew to MAN? Thanks to the EU law on compulsory insurance for package deals, CAA's insurance for insolvent airlines, and just a general awareness from govt. agencies who cannot afford to get a bad rep for not doing anything, consumers are well protected.
  2. just realized now that I am on the SQ119 on 15 April. Booked that one a long time ago.
  3. Exactly. Govt. keeps on talking about keeping prices low, and everyone complains about prices going up. Instead, the focus should be on raising income, then rising prices should not even be an issue.
  4. gosh! Suzanne's update from the last 4 years alone is more than what most people have in their lifetime!
  5. I flew MH LAX-MEX in 1993. SQ with the GRU- BCN route - not sure if they made the right decision to kill it. I must have flown at least 10 sectors and it was always almost full, even in F. The one thing that was not so good is that the plane leaves BCN a bit too early in the morning. If it left only 1 hour later, it would attract a lot more connecting passengers from the rest of Europe.
  6. I've done a few 737 and A320 ZRH-EWR and back flights some years ago when they had the all C class flights. Not surprised about the range as there is limited no. of pax and even less luggage than normal with the business travellers mostly carrying their cabin trolleys only. couple of flights lasted more than 8 hours, but very comfortable of course...
  7. Was there yesterday. 36degrees hot. Tarmac temperature even higher for sure. Even in my linen suit and tie I almost fainted from the heat. Interesting to see the new winglets on the A380. When A321 neo started flying I thought it was the A330 neo. A350-1000 looks nice in the air, but on the ground the 787-10 looks a lot more impressive. The 737 Max also looks great. Unfortunately I did not have much time. Day trip, so much time wasted going through securit, and very hot weather....
  8. I'm truly saddened by this news. Rest in Peace, Uncle Pieter. Thanks for coming to Zurich to see me.
  9. The poor maintenance of KLIA is annoying. But the poor planning is even worse. There was a master plan when the airport was first built, and now it is just a mess.
  10. Well said Suzanne. What MH did was not right, and even if within the rules of the contract, is lacking some common sense. But this blogger.. lacks finishing school.
  11. Same old problem with MH, lack of a good recovery when something goes wrong. Things do go wrong, but how you handle it can really make a difference to one's perception of the airline. Having travelled with little kids myself, I can understand completely her situation. On the other hand, I read both her blogs and I find it very difficult to symphatize with her. Seriously, going around kicking signboards? What kind of behaviour is this? Of course I don't know her and she could be the sweetest person in the world, but surely she would win more support if she is less hostile. I can see where Sandeep G is coming from.
  12. I used to love looking at the jungle. Then they built that elevated walkway around it and that blocked the view. Then I never bothered anymore.
  13. Until some years ago, my Swiss colleagues who travel to Israel have 2 passports. One to use for Israel only, and one for everywhere else. The company pays for the 2nd passport. Now they simply ask the immigration not to stamp it.
  14. As I mentioned above, the orthodox guys do mind if the person next to them eats pork. If SQ wants to compete against the middle east carriers for TLV traffic to Australia for example, this is food for thought...
  15. This may not be the official procedure but I was told by someone in Swiss that they don't have so much through traffic from the middle east and besides, apparently most middle easterns don't mind so much (there is always the other option or they can request a muslim meal). But the Israelis do, and the orthodox guys do mind if the person next to them eats pork, and there is a lot of through traffic from TLV to the US, for example, and so Swiss find it easier to just not serve pork as a main course on all its routes. So it is not just about not serving pork on the TLV sector alone.
  16. Yeah big picture. I have seen enough Israeli business in the international trade sector in recent years to know that in Malaysia, money talks. We know that the govt. like to hide things from (mislead) the public... One thing for sure though is that if SQ intend to attract more Israeli passengers to Singapore and especially through traffic, they have to stop serving pork in everything... (this is why Swiss hardly serves pork..., and usually have chicken or vegetarian as the main course options...).
  17. NIMBYs are so annoying. They buy houses at a lower cost because it is near the airport, and then complain about noise. Even though actually noise levels have reduced over the last decades due to quieter aircraft.
  18. I never put my middle name even though it is in my passport, and so far after hundreds of flights and many of them to the US, I have never encountered a problem.
  19. I think it was via Istanbul and Dubai, i.e., 2 stops to KL. I remember my Spanish friend complaining that when they bought the ticket, they were not informed about the 2 stops.
  20. That depends. If I was from Perth and am in KL for business or holiday, I would like to finish the day properly before flying home, so definitely prefer an evening flight. So what if I get home at 2am. Flying in the middle of the day is a waste of a whole day. I don't think you waste a night at the hotel if you check in at 2am. If you arrive at 6am and then get to the hotel at 7am... now that is a waste...
  21. Is SQ dropping Sao Paolo? I can't seem to book anything for early next year.
  22. Swiss regularly ask passengers to check in their luggage at the gate when it is obvious that they are too big or too heavy. Or they ask you to drop it off in front of the steps if you are bussed to the plane. That'll teach passengers for next time - carrying the bags all the way to the plane themselves and ending up having to wait at the carousel anyway...
  23. Bad idea... If I were a terrorist and I want to do the most damage, I will detonate next to a crowd. Where do I find the biggest crowd at manila and Mumbai? Just outside the terminal building where people are queueing up to get through security to enter the terminal building. Heck, I can do one hell of a damage with a car bomb...
  24. Err... look at the questions... which FFP will you have Yes and Yes for questions 1 and 2? And some airlines (SQ I am looking at you...) you don't get PPS points if you fly Y...
  25. Nope, the first time was before it was closed for the construction. It was broken down. SEcond time it was from T1 to T3, but of course this is rather manageable.
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