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  1. Gosh! This is horrible. I flew to PVG with family last month but their connecting flight to KUL was delayed and causing them have to wait for 2nd flight which was 10 hours + apart. They were given stay and lunch buffet at Marriot Hotel which I thought it was reasonable.
  2. Was appaled by this. I think the marketing went off board. Got an email saying $199 and yet on AK's website saying RM 99!
  3. Saw on FB D7 to operate flight to Madrid and it was on their website, too! Booking is available at 16th Nov 2019 at 9am! RM 99 all in return?!
  4. Quite a sensational claim by FAA after the fiasco of Boeing 737 Max. So CAAM has to bear the full responsibility on this then? How would MH and AK/D7 and OD play the roles here to help to improve the category? This would be another question mark on the potential buyer of MH. To relate this matter to MH 370 and MH 17 is also quite absurd, with MH 370 is still no where to be found and unclear of the aircraft's whereabout and MH 17 was totally out of its control while it was flying on an approved route, wasn't SQ and another Indian carrier was just behind MH 17? Both incidents just put MH on a real bad year of luck in 2014, it's ironic that US satellite could tell China was deploying tanks in Shenzhen to prepare for HK's situation but could not detect MH 370...hmmmm...
  5. Search Condor Plane carrying 326 passengers diverted after pilot spills coffee https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/plane-diverted-coffee-spill-intl-scli/index.html That's first... I trust this kind of safety procedures of having liquid drinks in cockpit should be have been taken note.
  6. Condor is a hybrid, they are not like D7 that provides totally no frills services.
  7. not quite, I just booked one.
  8. 20% more? you sure? QR offering to MUC from KUL at RM 2k return.
  9. Wouldn't really use Air Berlin or Germany as a country to compare. Do note that Germany is part of EU and they have free movement along the EU and given that they also have very good transportation in terms of land, sea and air so options are all there.
  10. JL is strong at US destinations but weak at EU's. If we were to look at the outbound/inbound of passengers, it would seem EU's traffic is more than US's.
  11. MH & SQ were once called Malasia Singapore Airlines before demerged in 70s. I always thought the merger of MH with any other potential airlines could be SQ, or OW alliance such as QR or QF.
  12. Don't think AirAsia is the right one, their business model is always low cost and even they themselves are struggling with some business sectors, especially the long haul one.
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