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  1. Luckily MH pulled out from many secondary chinese cities late last year, otherwise the impact could be worse. Nevertheless, was told that the financial impact is 3 times worse than MH370+MH17
  2. Yeah. RM120k annually is only middle management level. Some of the top management are getting more than RM100k per month
  3. I beg to differ on this. In the aviation value chain, the airlines is the one making the less profit compared to the airframers, OEM and MROs. The margins in MRO business are huge i.e easiliy in the double digit. If you notice, the revenue for MAB over the past 3 years have been flat, with losses in all the 3 years. There are constant demands for aircraft maintenance and if MAB can slowly build their capabilities, the business will come in without even having to knock on customers' doors. The cost base in this region is also very competitive.
  4. They got paid advanced payments at set periods before the delivery i.e 48 months, 36 months, 24 months, 12 months, in total, typically around 20-30% of the aircraft price.
  5. I am just annoyed by the lack of update from MAHB on this issue for the past two days..as if the issue has been resolved.
  6. I think you'll be disappointed. They're not retiring the Hantus, but extending the leases, albeit with some cabin refresh. Still a lot of uncertainty with the max at this stage.
  7. I fly to and from Senai every week and they're doing great. One of the best domestic airports, I should say. A lot of facilities have been upgraded, new food and shopping outlets.
  8. Actually MH did talk to BA some time ago (2018) about the A380s. Never able to agree on a deal.
  9. I beg to differ on this. Did KUL-KBR on OD before hari raya because MH was full. In the OD flight, there are still empty seats although ticket price was quite cheap compared to AK and MH. Modern aircraft seats are designed to give good legroom even with smaller pitch.
  10. Indeed..but this will affect the short transit performance i.e interior cleaning will take longer,etc. If the 737 MAX is a like-for-like replacement for the 737NGs, more than 50% of the trips will be for flights < 3 hours. Not to mention the weight and cost of the lie-flats.
  11. Yeah..my brother operated MYY-KCH-SIN-KCH this week. 80+pax KCH-SIN but only 28 pax SIN-KCH.
  12. "Before it begins its regular services to Osaka, the 787-10s will be operated on selected Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur flights for crew training purposes, said a statement on Thursday (Feb ." https://www.businessinsider.sg/sia-to-operate-its-first-boeing-787-10-dreamliner-to-osaka-from-may/ Starting from 3rd April 2018, there will be familiarisation flights using the 787-10, operating SIN-KUL-SIN (SQ118/SQ119).
  13. Was there yesterday. Took the morning flight out and the last flight back to KUL. Fortunately, both flights were on-time.
  14. Heard that the A350-1000 will not be there during the public show. Will only be during trade days (6th - 8th Feb). Is this correct?
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