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  1. "In August 2017 Sabu told Malaysia’s parliament that just four of 18 aircraft were in flying condition." Err its 2018 not 2017
  2. https://youtu.be/lt7FRiG4voU
  3. Was posted on Lowyat forum
  4. Dear YM Raja Azmi and members of CCMT, INCIDENT REPORT NO.3 Airport: KUL (KLIA) Occurrence Date, Time: 22 August 2019, 0200 hrs Accident/Incident: KLIA TAMS Network Outage* Summary of Incident ITD reported major intermittent connection of TAMS network (total failure of secondary Core Switch 102 that was activated at 1700hrs) at 2015hrs, 21 August 2019 after primary Core Switch 101 experiencing intermittent connections due self re-boot from 1420 hrs since incident reported). Core Switch 101 was reactivated at 0200hrs (which is still undergoing trouble-shooting)when attempts to stablise Core Switch 102 connectivity since 2000 hrs. KLIA War Room has been activated at AMC at 0500 hrs. MA Sepang has since activated operational contigencies since the incindent occured. At 1145 hrs, the Board has appointed Pn Jamilah DatoHashim to chair the Crisis Meeting at KLIA War Room. It has reported at 1400 hrs that klia2 is also experiencing IT disruption for the following systems: FIDS & BIDS, GAS, Info Broker, FDPS, Ground Surveillance Radar, SAP, OIS. Status of Action as at 1830, 22 August 2019: Recovery of Operations 1. (Stategy B from previous update) ITD is activating 1 unit replica switch from CISCO to immediately swap with faulty unit- expected connection recovery at 1900 hrs, this does not require configuration. 2. Status of KLIA: All affected systems will be down during the replacement. 3. Status of klia2: Affected systems currently is FIMA, GAS, FDPS (West Tower) Activation of Contingencies 1. Activated contingencies is ongoing as stated in previous status update. Crisis Communications 1. Next media release will be targeted to be released at 2000 hrs 2. Social media updates are providing continuous updates since the first media release. 3. Corp comm is monitoring negative reporting have been observed from socialmedia and media front. Impact on MAHB Staff 1. Total manpower on ground to manage terminal situation at klia2 is 339 staff (operations on shift, special teams and volunteers) is as follows: CEM- 50 TSD-15 FOC-12 Volunteers-17 PBB-33 AVSEC-212 Total=339 2. Total manpower on ground to manage terminal situation at KLIA is 611 staff (operations on shift, special teams and volunteers) is as follows: CEM- 54 TSD-17 FOC-22 Volunteers-195 PBB-29 AVSEC-294 Total=611 3. MA Sepang Admin are providing food for all staff who are on duty. Impact on Airlines/ Flights 1. All Airlines at KLIA are impacted especially MH 2. MH has declared Code Amber (Crisis) and deployed additional manpower to support operations 3. Airlines have activated manual flight planning and manual fallback check-in procedure. 4. 68 delayed flights have been reported due to the compounding effects of the critical operational systems being down. Impact on Passengers 1. Terminal congestion has build up due to activation of fallback procedures, slower processing of pax. 2. Late arrivals by passengers at gate are reported, but difficulty to track as info must be done on ground. 3. There is very few cases of misflights by pax but reaccomodated to next flight. 4. MA Sepang has deployed refreshments (1000 buns and 2000 mineral water) to subdue queing passengers. Impact to Airport Accesssibility/ Kerbside Traffic management is within normal and no congestion has been observed. Report
  5. How is it possible a IT system could break down for so long? It's as if someone burned all the servers
  6. Look at the mess Ethiad is facing with its acquisitions
  7. I wonder if KLIA 2 will soon have those body scanners
  8. Just have to be a bit more alert. No?
  9. Penang airport terminal upgrade starting next year The carpark is already under construction
  10. More rubbish unnamed sources why so scared? What is this?
  11. I too did not need to have my bags scanned upon arrival at Perth. As we line up to get our bags scanned an Aussie customs officer will ask a bunch of casual questions and decide if I need to have my bags checked. I was waived through. It's all about your body language if you have something to hid they can tell from your face!
  12. what? the safety cards and some magazines were not even touched/removed? It's as if the plane just crash landed
  13. Air Asia is already targeting younger crowd without even having to mention 'millenials'
  14. PUTRAJAYA: The deep losses of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), coupled with bad management previously, make it very difficult to turn it around, says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. "We have a problem with MAS. "The last government gave it RM6bil, they sacked 6,000 people, then they don't fly to 60% of the destinations. "There was no gain in what they tried to do," he said in a press conference on Monday (May 6) in conjunction with Pakatan Harapan's first year anniversary of taking over Putrajaya on May 9. Dr Mahathir said the government was still searching for the best solution for MAS. "I do not know what is happening. Everybody tells me it is determined to fail but nobody has come up with a proper solution," he added. Asked if the government would sell MAS, Dr Mahathir replied: "Sometimes we think we might sell the airline (like Italian airlines belongs to the Arabs). So many airlines have been sold to other people. "Airline business now is very competitive, after the emergence of low-cost carriers. The high-cost carriers do not get passengers. "Then you have Arab airlines providing luxurious facilities. People cannot challenge this. "We have yet to make a decision (whether to sell or keep MAS)," said Dr Mahathir. Experts believe MAS may report about RM1bil in losses for the full year in 2018 after incurring about RM2.4bil losses from 2015 to 2017, as losses to pile up despite previous attempts to resuscitate the airline. For its near-term sustainability, experts reckoned a RM1bil to RM3bil cash injection would be needed.
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