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  1. Its actually worse. Everything looks promising just because they have money. But anyway, if they wish to jump in the pool to save MAB with their financial might, it will be more than welcome
  2. Totally agree. Bigpay is actually quite useless other than using it for booking with Airasia. Have to get the card to save hundreds in processing fee
  3. Like everything french, they tend to complicate every single thing.
  4. Unless the poor soul cant read, chances are low that he will end up at the wrong check in counter.
  5. They are focusing to be asset-light airline. Basically sold everything non core assets like training, ground handling, aircrafts and frequent flyer program next on the card. What makes you think running own airport will be high on their agenda? New airport easily costs at least MYR 4 billion at least. They cant/wont even pay MYR 40 million without all the hassles. And its tax, tax goes to the government. Not MAHB. You complaint to the government lah. MAHB tolong kutip sahaja. Everyone pays. Go figure. Still have much respect for TF but wont be drawn into his game of diverting attention when High Court was not on their side.
  6. He would probably build it halfway and then throw in the towel and who will pick it up? The government. By then he will cry no airlines should have build its own airport
  7. Jani youre not joking right?? Looking forward for the mall.
  8. Heyya gents, 2 weeks ago my family and i arrived at MTB and surprisingly we just walk out of it without having to scan our 3 big luggage. Kinda like, green lane for nothing to declare and red for declarable items. I walked right into car rental booths. This is very nice.
  9. Land is scarce, build it on reclaim land. I like the proposal, but sadly it will take like 30 years before it becomes reality.
  10. 1. Just fix the frigging aerotrain. 2. The lift at the arrival level 3 are too congested. Anoying to find able bodied human hogging the elevators. Man the elevator to make sure only people with serious luggage load and family with strollers get the priority to board.
  11. Did not know they flew to KUL in the past. Tech stop somewhere? And hopefully they can sustain it. Since Etihad reduced their flights to KUL not much choice left for Malaysian living there to go back as Emirates (and Etihad) complex pricing often makes it cheaper to fly from somewhere else rather than their home base (AUH and DXB)
  12. Starting an own airline is clearly a financial suicide by Sarawak Government. Just because they can, does not mean they have to.
  13. In Malaysia context as jani explain, its better to have functioning, no bling airport like KUL as long as it can subsidize other small airports as well. I dont want CAAM to run airports. Its best to award them to private entity like how MMC being given definite lease of JHB. Im sure there are interested parties who are more than willing to do BOT model for PEN and BKI. Saves MAHB and Government a lot of trouble
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