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  1. Japan Airlines NW23 International Preliminary Changes Tokyo Narita - Kuala Lumpur eff 01DEC23 - B767-300ER replaces B787-8 1 daily
  2. Well said and I don't think they have a plan while they mess up further. No directions and switching off the air-conditioning at the Anjung Tinjau has also helped them gain more $$$ !!! This is why SGN and CGK and SIN will continue to lead the aviation growth in Southeast Asia while KUL lags behind, sadly!!
  3. Lol !!! Not the first time, I was once in the train and it stopped midway just upon reaching the Satellite building. A technician had to walk over and open the door to enter the train and then manually and slowly moved the train to the terminal. This was at the end of 2019. Why can't they just repair the tracks and trains and completely use the buses to ferry passengers? I wonder what excuse they have for such an incompetent reason !
  4. Good move but noise pollution to the surrounding housing areas, I think they may have restricted and limited slots as well as aircraft type for flights operating from SZB or else it will see the lower numbers at KUL
  5. LGK may not be feasible for some tourist now that there are restrictions on the island state ☚ī¸
  6. Oh and don't forget that QF at one point wanted to start an offshoot here at KUL in 2011 and yet they ignore Malaysia altogether despite MH having multiple flights into Australian ports daily! 😉
  7. The worlds longest waiting period for an aerotrain to be repaired, fixed and replaced if need be and yet MAHB is showing annual profits without spending! Oh what a wait!!! 🤐
  8. Source : https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/221108-sqmhcodeshare MAS & SIA to code share on certain European routes (including LHR) Singapore Airlines (SQ) and Malaysia Airlines (MH) at the launch of Northern winter 2022/23 season expands codeshare partnership to Europe, covering service to London Heathrow and Rome. Planned codeshare schedule from 30OCT22 as follows. Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow MH004/SQ5654 KUL0905 – 1525LHR 359 D MH002/SQ5652 KUL2330 – 0535+1LHR 359 D MH003/SQ5653 LHR1025 – 0715+1KUL 359 D MH001/SQ5651 LHR2125 – 1820+1LUL 359 D Singapore – London Heathrow SQ306/MH5754 SIN0110 – 0720LHR 77W D SQ307/MH5758 SIN0900 – 1520LHR 388 D SQ318/MH5760 SIN1245 – 1910LHR 359 D SQ322/MH5762 SIN2345 – 0555+1LHR 388 D SQ305/MH5759 LHR0910 – 0605+1SIN 77W D SQ317/MH5719 LHR1055 – 0750+1SIN 388 D SQ319/MH5761 LHR2035 – 1730+1SIN 388 D SQ321/MH5765 LHR2205 – 1900+1SIN 359 D Singapore – Rome SQ366/MH5820 SIN0205 – 0820FCO 359 257 SQ365/MH5819 FCO1050 – 0540+1SIN 359 257
  9. Turkish Airlines plans PEN https://simpleflying.com/turkish-airlines-28-target-cities/ In Asia-Pacific, Turkish Airlines seeks to add Atyrau (Kazakstan), Aktobe (Kazakstan), Penang (Malaysia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Sialkot (Pakistan), and Sydney (often mentioned).
  10. If they did indeed give an aircraft model as a gift, then shame on MH for giving us a MH logo cookie and a post it note during their inaugural to DOH 😅
  11. Oh well, the good thing is that Malaysia or KUL is important enough for Airbus to focus on 😃
  12. Interesting for Malaysian carriers to operate narrow-body aircraft on a 8+ hours flight
  13. Lion Air Indonesia Adds SUB-KUL Route Surabaya – Kuala Lumpur eff 12OCT22 1 daily 737-900ER (-800 from 19OCT22) JT168 SUB0830 – 1210KUL 738 D JT169 KUL1300 – 1440SUB 738 D
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