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  1. Interesting but has anyone heard anything about the new KUA airport?
  2. Do they recognize our indigenous art in Malaysia?
  3. https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/231127-mhnov23nrt MH to deploy the A350 (Ex-SAS) to NRT for the entire month of December
  4. Turkish Airlines NS24 Intercontinental Network Changes - 27OCT23 Istanbul - Kuala Lumpur eff 01APR24 TK060/061 A350-900XWB replaces previously filled B777-300ER (Overall 1 daily A350 & 1 daily B789) Fantastic news and can't wait to see more A350's at KUL
  5. I wonder if Malaysians can or cannot manage big projects 😁
  6. Despite all that, we still only have one flight from India to KUL by an Indian carrier - Indigo who operates a daily flight to KUL from MAA (Chennai) at an ungodly hour. MH really should improve on the seats as mentioned by Craig.
  7. It is about time they upgrade their services, offerings and aircrafts for DOH! Such a downgrade for a QR flight using MH' A330s. Cockroaches at least on my flight last year & rude crew
  8. It might be happening in Malaysia too, if you see how they are selecting only certain states for their recruitment
  9. Actually MH was among the first few carriers who had foreign languages onboard their flights before the likes of what EK, QR and EY have today. They had crew from RSA, Korea, Japan and also Argentina to cater to the diversity in its passengers. Of course today, SQ and all the major carriers brand themselves as having multilingual crew onboard. Such a sad state that MH has become from what they were thanks to the mismanagement, wrong leaders and interference of politicians only to lose our national carrier. So focused on the internal benefits that they forget the brand name they have established and the pride they carry for all Malaysians. Sort off like living in their own 'bubble' or 'syok sendiri' like many other local issues we have; only to be ranked amongst the lower ranking airlines today. I trust that they are opening up now to diversity and business focused, so lets hope they improve their service levels and staff morale with the new management and leadership in both the airline (MH) and the country. New and sustainable aircraft orders soon to move forward. Just my two cents. Fingers crossed 🤞
  10. Adding on; the extremism amongst our politicians and some Malaysians to ban things like concerts and relating it to drugs and bad behavior's, banning comedians because they are transgendered?, etc does not bode well with our incoming tourist or even many locals. Of course thanks to the lackadaisical attitude of our key decision makers has brought about this mess. We only see airlines increasing flight frequencies to our neighboring countries, yet Malaysia does not stand out despite being the top 20 airports in the world pre-pandemic. The branding is messed up, do we want people of other cultures and faiths to come to Malaysia? What is the issue and how are we tackling it moving forward? We have so much to offer but as mentioned, we have a crappy main gateway, pathetic offerings by our national carriers, unwelcoming & heavily restrictive tourism, complacency, lack of accountability of airport operators, power struggle in these organizations and many more. We are in a mess indeed! This is just my point of view, I think we can do way better than what we have currently. Blaming the pandemic is really unacceptable because our neighbor down south took the opportunity to refurbish their terminals during the pandemic, once the pandemic was over, voila they had everything in place for the influx and suppressed travelers. What did we do? Aerotrains continued to get further damage and eventually halted the service, terminal was and still a mess, staff have become more incompetent, bosses have increased their expectations to make up for losses and demand the sky and the moon from the staff with no proper remuneration, no retraining or reassessment post-pandemic, airlines have dived into a greed mode to milk everything from the customers and also their own staff to ensure that the top heavy are well fed. I think we should do something and this is a good opportunity to improve moving forward. Our other friends in Southeast Asia are rapidly moving and we are going to be left behind, far far behind because we are focusing on the wrong things. Tina Turner's concert in the 80's comes to mind. What a shame! Does anyone have contacts with the right decision makers to have a forum with us? Oh well, lethargy at its best!
  11. Japan Airlines NW23 International Preliminary Changes Tokyo Narita - Kuala Lumpur eff 01DEC23 - B767-300ER replaces B787-8 1 daily
  12. Well said and I don't think they have a plan while they mess up further. No directions and switching off the air-conditioning at the Anjung Tinjau has also helped them gain more $$$ !!! This is why SGN and CGK and SIN will continue to lead the aviation growth in Southeast Asia while KUL lags behind, sadly!!
  13. Lol !!! Not the first time, I was once in the train and it stopped midway just upon reaching the Satellite building. A technician had to walk over and open the door to enter the train and then manually and slowly moved the train to the terminal. This was at the end of 2019. Why can't they just repair the tracks and trains and completely use the buses to ferry passengers? I wonder what excuse they have for such an incompetent reason !
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