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  1. So I suppose MTB can handle 50 million ppa if Satellite B is built? Or do they have plans to also expand the MTB to accommodate more capacity in view of Satellite B?
  2. Yeah I guess so but MH could code share heavily on JL for their flights out of HND. I recently flew on a flight from KUL-JFK on JL via SIN and HND. Oh well maybe yields, slots or more could be the main reason(s) why we do not have a KUL-HND-KUL on the Oneworld carriers. Star Alliance works well on that route.
  3. Wonder why MH or JL don't utilize the KUL-HND-JFK/Beyond? Any connection now on MH or JL requires a change of airport from NRT to HND and beyond vice versa. Yields? Slots?
  4. Permanent CEO? Is that even possible?
  5. Strange that QF cannot make KUL work, after all it is a OW hub and they can do something if they wanted to. Our Malaysian diaspora is crazy in PER and MEL. I guess we can view it as - MH has a superior product to QF - just saying LOL !
  6. Terminal 1 is surely in a mess with incompetent planning and people manning it too. I recently flew back twice from an international flight and there was a 'mini brawl' at the queue to take the bus to the MTB. People were cutting the lines and no proper instructions from the "Ask Me" Staff. Eventually all passenger boarded the bus, albeit a tired set of passengers. It is no wonder they are ranked 71st and keeps slipping away. Jaguh kampung managing and manning it, what else can you expect; and yet, MAHB makes profit year in year out with abysmal services at their main gateway. As for Terminal 2, it is expected to have the least of excellent services yet they meet better standards than that of Terminal 1. Oh well 😂
  7. Qatar Maintains 2nd Daily Flight to KUL Qatar Airways effective 31MAR24 will continue to operate QR852/853 DOH-KUL, KUL-DOH utilising a B777-300ER. The other flights between DOH and KUL are operated by both MH and QR as follows :- QR844/845 - DOH-KUL, KUL-DOH 7 weekly - B777-300ER MH161/160 - DOH-KUL, KUL-DOH 7 weekly - A350-900 MH163/164 - DOH-KUL, KUL-DOH 7 weekly - A350-900 Combined services by MH and QR between DOH and KUL stands at 4 daily flights (2 QR and 2 MH) https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240409-qrns24
  8. Emirates Reduces KUL & Equipment Change Emirates, effective 22APR24 - 04JUN24 will reduce KUL from 21 weekly to 20 weekly:- EK344/345 DXB-KUL, KUL-DXB - 6 weekly B777-300ER EK346/347 DXB-KUL, KUL-DXB - 7 weekly B777-300ER (effective 31MAR24) EK342/343 DXB-KUL, KUL-DXB - 7 weekly A380-800 (effective 01JUN24) https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240409-ekns24
  9. Vietnam Airlines to reduce KUL eff 31MAR24 Hanoi - Kuala Lumpur Reduces from 4 to 3 weekly Saigon - Kuala Lumpur Reduces from 7 to 4 weekly https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240403-vnns24asia
  10. US-Bangla to upgrade KUL to a widebody aircraft Effective 25APR24, 1 daily A330-300 replacing the B737-800 BS315 DAC 0850LT - 1450LT BS316 KUL 1550LT - 1750LT https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240403-bsns24333
  11. Cambodia Airways to begin Kuala Lumpur Cambodia Airways will begin flights from PNH to KUL beginning mid April 2024 KR781 PNH 1320LT - 1615LT KUL 2, 4 KR781 PNH 1420LT - 1715LT KUL 7 KR782 KUL 1715LT - 1830LT PNH 2,4 KR782 KUL 1815LT - 1935LT PNH 7 They will utilize the A319
  12. Malaysia Airlines and Indigo ink Codeshare https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2024/04/04/malaysia-airlines-indigo-ink-codeshare-pact
  13. KLIA is still in a mess from what it used to be at least. The quality has dropped tremendously to its lowest while its neighbours took advantage of the pandemic to make improvements and refurbishment. The design of the airport design seems to be a mistake while they continue to make profits (MAHB). The issues I can highlight through experience since January to date are :- 1) Terminal 1 (T1) parking entrance continues to be a problem throughout the day a) machine not issuing the coin/chip b) TnG option faulty c) customer service unreachable d) Premiere Parking at Level 2, really? Why? 2) T1 Public Toilets are not all SDG friendly - the ones near McD's heading to Anjung Tinjau have no dryers but only paper towels 3) T1 Check In Lines are a mess everyday at peak hours, cluttered & confusing to the laymen alike 4) T1 Staff at some check in counters are clueless about the special assistance service and charging USD50 to assist someone to the gate 5) T1 Cleaning staff are seated anywhere around the airport vicinity, steel barriers on the ground, etc 6) T1 Lacking creativity and ambience for an international hub 7) T1 The signages of the feeder buses to the satellite terminal is poor, what more the service itself which is abysmal 8 ) Poor communication skills of the GTR check-in staff (I experienced a few incidents myself yesterday) 9) T1 Anjung Tinjau has become a dodgy place; it is a noisy place now with one side dedicated for TH travel updates making the place chaotic and the 'plane spotting experience' unwelcoming, passengers occupying the whole row of seats to sleep (I guess this happens at other airports too), basically from a world class airport into a pasar pagi/malam/petang, no proper enforcement nor quality control, style ada, maintenance takda 10) T1 is also becoming an upcoming and happening base for touts, scammers, etc - just ask how many taxi touts, tugs and conmen there are at the arrival hall, anjung tinjau (professional beggars) and more 11) E-hailing services at T1 are also leaving much to be desired - drivers cancelling on passengers, taking their time to 'makan" at their warung at the cowboy-town, etc 12) Cost saving and reducing the air-conditioning at Anjung Tinjau is not cool at all, especially since they made one side a play area for children and another for prayer facilities for the Muslims A lot more to share of course but the above are some highlights of my own experience and my two cents
  14. Yes amazingly, KUL was served once as an important destination on their route map
  15. Shocked at his feedback, I thought he had some substance comparatively to the other leaders previously. Maybe it was quoted out of context and showcased as the reason; bad journo. In todays world, this is a bitter statement and alike a loser because they should be focusing on moving forward with the latest technology and innovations. Something fishy 🐟 On another note, I flew with MH from KCH and found their crew to be very efficient and friendly. They were mostly seniors in the cabin and younger in the cockpit. Captain spoke really well and very informative. I was lucky to be on the newly refurbished aircraft and had the chance to have their onboard catering and it was good.
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