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  1. 126.10 was off for a while.. Planes from kk were allowed to come into kk with 10 mins separation, planes from outside were allowed to enter after 11am refer NOTAMS.. I was flying MH Bki-Sdk...
  2. Please listen to norman's advice guys Accident are always met with grief and sadness.. I wish a speedy recovery to the instructor.. saw the picts on a local paper that day..
  3. talking about accident even the 737-800 have a history 30 Sep 2006 - GOL 737-800 Crashes in Brazil. A fuel leak through that hole likely caused Monday's fire on the China Airlines Boeing 737-800. 05 May 2007 - Kenya Airways 737-800 missing after take-off from Cameroon.. and so on this just prove the theory that newer doesn't mean safer.. A little bit of Pro's on a classic is that the vast experience of handling and managing its fault can actually make it safer to fly and maintain.. i'll go anytime on a classic with a good maintenance and history compared to a full glass highly savvy tech a/c with 2-3years track record.. hehe..just my 2cents
  4. i hope this will satisfy the curiosity. its a statement passed to the media. "Statement by Malaysia Airlines – Flight MH674 from Singapore to Penang Subang (25 March 2010): Malaysia Airlines flight MH674 departed Singapore at 11.05am today and was scheduled to arrive in Penang at 12.25pm. During its approach into Penang, the Captain noted that the right engine was surging with vibrations. The Captain decided to go around to further assess the situation. Following Standard Operating Procedures, a precautionary shut down of the engine was carried out. He landed the plane safely at 12.26pm. Upon landing, the Captain opted to shut down the left engine and the aircraft was towed to Gate 10. All passengers disembarked using the aerobridge. “The plane landed safely. All 88 passengers and 7 crew members are safe. At no time was the safety of the flight in jeopardy as our Captains and crew have been repeatedly trained to handle such situations,” said Malaysia Airlines Senior General Manager, Flight Operations, Dato’ Captain Ahmad Zuraidi Dahalan. He added, “There was no fire. In this situation when the engine was shut down, the residual fuel left will be burnt off at the exhaust section of the engine, which can be visibly seen as flashes. This is normal. These flashes will dissipate once all the residual fuel burns off. The plane is perfectly safe, capable and certified to fly in this condition.” Investigations into the cause of the incident are currently underway."
  5. so, anybody have any quoted stories to share? well, thats what forums are for.. stories n discussion.
  6. Samples... image from acc-tv image from BBC image from BBC even if a sexy woman stands there, its like watching alien female. If hard-on's still an issue, there might be a new category of sexualism after bondage, voyeur.. something like greyism? the net have better picture than this.
  7. so tomorrow, who is going where and when..? I might be at TUDM base, The Hills Have Eyes or Just on the roadside at mamak's around 9-10am
  8. after doing a few hours in the simulator,imho u should try to land the sim.. in nil wind, some wind and lotss of windss ;p and if you think taking off is easy, try with different weights, as weights will play a big factor at how you Rotate..
  9. i feel like licking the pictures here.. FB ones aren't yummy enough ;p
  10. Videos available here, 1-5th landings.. friendster and 1 2 3 4 5
  11. Wallawow.. thanks 4 sharing sir
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