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  1. According to 1 of the flyz captain.. they'll airborne on the 2nd of April..
  2. and here is the paste 17 years after dat.. =) See my signature.. huhu
  3. Exam boleh repeat.. RKAC jarang2 skali.. hehe
  4. Yerp. Gathered all my food for a month's stock.
  5. Miss F50 SOoOoO much~ And now i'm bored waiting for october. Guys! Wake me up when september ends will ya?
  6. Waa~ I wanna fly those 'big boys'~!!
  7. MGE~ MGE~ Where are ya? What?? U're in Subang!! Come back to Borneo la u endangered species!
  8. Wah! LeeCH in town ah? Good!... Nice pics guys...
  9. It has 1 very small window called "storm window". But still insufficient
  10. We always open the aircraft door during taxy. Its very2 HOT maa! Like oven. But of course, u hv to remember, hell is HOTTER... lalala~
  11. I think BKI approach path is the nicest approach la for KCH F50 crew to operate..
  12. "Small but functional"... yeah, the gurl up there also.. She asked me to repeat my P.O.B and endurance 3 times whenever she hear my voice! always play around with me on ATC... haha...
  13. Late welcome from me... Welcome To MWings Truie Pham!! Capt. Radzi, i saw u in MYY on thursday. U juz arrived from somewhere and I was inside 1 of the F50. I saw u taking pic pf the AK 320.. I was hoping for u to aim ur lenses on my a/c!! hehe... I'll be in SBW tomorrow and the day after. Then BKI nitestop. 4 days trip. Hope to get more P1 u/s hours. See ya!! and happy landings...
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