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  1. Any left seat will do irregardless of a/c type. Beggars can't be choosy. Splendid shots guys. Thanks again.
  2. Flight Engineers panel. Great stuff! Full classic cockpit. Jon crossing the River! Awesome. Plus his fair fair tummy skin. Those cabin shots! Mega retro. Look at the armrest seat placard and crew call button. Wow! Wow Wow! Many thanks to you guys. It was really hilarious, amazing and nostalgic thread. Only in Malaysia. Boleh! p.s. Nose King: I'm done with A340-500 after 2.3 years stint. Tutup kedai. Back to A330 on Dec 19th 2013.
  3. Azahan! Without practise all these years doesn't seem to bother your skill at all. Good job!
  4. The fleet managers (etc. Chief Pilot, SVP blah blah blah...) increase their KPI by cutting pilot's salary increment, uniform quality, make them take pay cut. And the list goes on......
  5. Call sign was Korean Air Force 001. It was trailing my flight from Seoul all the way and occupied my preferred FL. How long was the transit? Will it stop by Singapore on its way back to Korea?
  6. Like this cannot. Like that cannot. Everything also cannot.
  7. Hi Mr. Oranje! Didn't give up really. Just quietly shooting and not posting. My photos are not up to standards.
  8. Should have been there this afternoon. Damn....miss it all....
  9. Nice ones Chaity. if only Iran and Mahan turns up at WSSS.
  10. Should be uploaded to airliners.net Surely photo of the day.....
  11. No upgrade, no downgrade. Twin refers to engine. Winglets still winglets. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what I fly now. Btw, PIC is one month to retirement. I would say almost no jeopardy. F/O?? Long bumpy road ahead......
  12. No it wasn't me...... I'm on twin winglets now.....
  13. There are many factors which contribute to incidents. Perhaps these guys are lucky incident did not turn to accident. There are many factors which can lead pilots to make mistakes in the flight deck. Technical problems, cabin calls, ATC calls, distractions etc etc.... Yes, two man crew concept to cross check each other. Easier said than done sometimes, like the glamourous Tenerife KLM B747 Captain. Other factor being it is very easy to sell and buy ideas/suggestions from the guy on the other seat. Also once both crew are go minded, it takes a lot for any one of them to realised something is wrong and get the plane from being sucked further into a deep endless black hole.
  14. Xu Yong, nice capture of classics from two Cold War enemies. Care to share the location of your shots?
  15. PEN spotters take note. SQ will stop serving WMKP from Nov 1st onwards. All services will be on Silkair three times a day. Catch it while you can.
  16. Latest update, car beats plane. Plane on runway 02L/20R whilst car was on taxiway WP.
  17. Finally got turn around and sectors? Enjoy bro...
  18. Exactly 30 day on and no signs of recorders. This accident may go unresolved forever. Very sad.
  19. Pay cut means no new body or lens purchase for me this year (not that I have anything in mind). In fact I had nothing new since last year. Kiss my fisheye dream goodbye. By the way, CEO and Management level can declare how much of pay cut as they are taking. But when the time comes when bonuses are announced, they will take back whatever they have loss. Mere mortals like all of us will still sulk at our lost pay forever. At least the only scant consolation is I have the comfort of knowing my job and monthly pay is still secured.
  20. Guys, appreciate if anyone can shed light where are these spotting locations? 1. TK's EK A380 shots 2. Lan Chile's A340 shots. Thinking of bringing my Nikon for a workout down southern hemisphere coming July. Thanks. p.s. How long a lense we need at these locations?? (in full frame CMOS sensor)
  21. Perhaps some LAE or expert in this area may shed some light on this. Try to look at things beyond improvement of the physical box itself. I am sure FDR and CVR have been improved tremendously but superficial to the layman outside. Better casing, materials, water/flame and high temperature protection, fire and impact protection, larger recording capacity and so much more. I am sure what is available now is the best there is when a/c type is launched and spec against airline operator requirements ($$ talks). Furthermore, planes do not drop out of the sky on everyday basis and it will be hard to justify all the money spent on R&D and airlines will not pay for it. Already total airlines in the world will set to lose USD$9 billion this year itself. And ICAO will have a tough time to ponder how to force airline to accept the latest and most high tech CVR/FDR. Just my SGD$0.02 thought.
  22. Malaysian One Six reverted to B747-400 already, as seen on my trip to nearby PAM VOR late May.
  23. Iggy, all a/c that are ACARS capable will have this automatic feature. Including my triple. It sends out maintenance messages on a/c health systems so that stations receiving the a/c can know the extent of the fault and prepare for rectification work should spares and expertise is available on landing. Airbus and Boeing all have them. I saw such system on one of my visit to SQ offices as part of crew visit. EICAS/ECAM and Status messages are for crew to take appropriate action in flight and sort out using checklist and MEL where applicable. Same thing will be sent to the maintenance office too. As for CVR and FDR, it is a continuos monitoring and recording of flight data and a/c system parameters. Too much data to downlink continuously.
  24. Andrew, Wishing you the best in LAX. Triple ain't going there anytime soon. Otherwise can always meet up. Will miss doing the fence thing together. See you around buddy. Cheers! LeeCH
  25. No wonder I did not see that AF. I landed at 1545LT. Would have missed it anyway as I am taxi routed via SC1 towards T2. KC, sorry. Mistaken with my flight outbound on SRH. Inbound KIX-SIN was on SRC. Thanks.
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