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  1. Interesting that both the Italian and the Austrian listed in the passenger manifest are alive and state that they had not booked the flight. Both passengers had their passports stolen in Asia. This raises some suspicion...maybe an act of terror?
  2. I don't think there is something like an unsafe aircraft per se. There is just bad maintenance and bad crew... But an aircraft that has survived already 1000ends of flights can't be that bad if it is properlay maintained... and if I do proper maintenence, their duty life can be extended tremendously. Until recently, in the US still DC9-10, which had more than 45 years of active life on their wings, were used in regular service.... MAS737 is very young, almost a kid, compared to that... And I would consider MAS maintenence as one of the good ones So I feel safe...
  3. I really hope so.. Want to spend my 30th birthday in Malaysia in January and thats an affordable way to travel C-Class....
  4. I was just trying to book some flights to Kuala Lumpur with EgyptAir and was surprised to neither find them in the online booking system nor the online schedule... Have they be cancelled? That would be a pity.... Georg
  5. http://www.abtn.co.uk/news/2314989-garuda-indonesia-join-skyteam
  6. And pleeeease add Vienna again... We have connections with KLM to Amsterdam, Alitalia to Rome and BMI to london... Currently its more or less impossible to book MH ex VIE...
  7. one boy suvived this catastrope.... he's from the netherlands, age 6 or 7...
  8. well I haven't been called by anyone. I could do the web-checkin as usual, and then, around midnight, my 7am departure flight was cancelled. No one called, sent an SMS or mailed. - and I was already checked in for that flight.... They most probably did not inform you beforehand because they could not predict for how long the closure will continue - some expected airports will re-open this morning, but only in Austria they did. UK is still closed, allthoug yesterdays communications told that they most likely will reopen at 2am. So don't blame the airlines - nobody knows...
  9. quite easy: the airspace is NOT closed - there is just the restriction that no IFR flights may be operated. As long as the cargo flights are operated under VFR rules, they are allowed to fly. Theoretically also passenger flights in VFR condition would be possible, but they are limited to a/c with maximum of 19 seats in europe - so replacing one 747 with 20 twinotters would be possible in theory. Also all positioning flights of the airlines are operated under VFR conditions only with no passengers onboard.
  10. Well... good Luck! Currently the situation still gets worse. Frankfurt is closed since early morning (so currently ALL western european intercont hubs are closed: Paris, London, Frankfurt, Muc expects to be closed later today). The Austrian airspace will be closed by early evening today. I should be going to London tomorrow morning...good joke, isn't it?
  11. ... by emergency revokation. Here is the letter of revocation that was sent trice (!) to the pilots http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/national/28plane-cheney.pdf
  12. And always bear in mind, that the trip by car or bus to and from the airport is many times more dangerous than a flight on the shabbiest of all imaginable airlines....
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