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  1. Dropped by PEN last weekend and saw this... And a couple more...
  2. 16Nov11 VT-JEM HS-TGW 17Nov11 OO-TFA This thing turned up unannounced at 1030h and sent me literally diving for my camera. DQ-FJL ex-9V-SMB back here for maintenance
  3. Thanks KC, for alerting me to its arrival! I wouldn't have gotten ready for it had you not messaged me. What a treat to see a Tristar. I just love her curves, especially that S-duct on Engine #2!
  4. Tuesday 16 August 2011 EI-UNW B777-222ER UN9778 SIN-DME
  5. 17 June 2011 9V-SPN had landed on 20C after an air test, and taxied via South Cross for parking at 302. Backlit, but nonetheless still worth shooting! Thanks to KC for the heads-up.
  6. 15 June 2011 PH-MPS (ex 9V-SMF) back in service after a long period in storage. I wonder if she'll get her Martinair colours again?
  7. Thanks Fab... not exactly from Crowne. From my office! The inaugural AY82 was operated by OH-LQA and parked at D42 in overcast weather. No water canon salute. I only just learnt from CAG yesterday that SIN isn't fond of water canon salutes and the only time it'd ever been done was on 17Oct07 for 9V-SKA!
  8. Couldn't resist sharing these two shots of VP-BKJ, arriving as TSO9745 from Moscow at 0845h this morning (31May11).
  9. Wow what an interesting development. So it is FINALLY happening after having been on the drawing boards for so long, but I wonder how it's going to turn out administratively as the SQ Cargo office was shut down and its staff were retrenched following SQ's pull-out in Dec09. MI then took over all functions including cargo sales. Anyway, a 1730h arrival means you will have an opportunity to photograph it in great evening light! Good luck to all PEN spotters!
  10. I can't help but break my silence to say what a great pleasure it had been to read this thread! A jaw-dropping collection of VVIP aircraft photographs (in day and night and from varying angles!) that most of us can only dream of having. Tuan Khiem, you must have been enjoying yourself! Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments with us.
  11. Ah!!! Good to see that someone caught it! I was told this afternoon that there was an EK diversion from KUL and was wondering if anyone saw it. Nice shot!
  12. Hey Yusoff! Wah... all the WMKP spotting locations have been 'conquered' by bulis? Anyway I just returned to SIN permanently. Hope to get a chance to fly over to PEN for some food and spotting soon! Heard from my PEN contacts that a CX 777-300ER went AOG at PEN recently?
  13. Some shots to share from the other side of the world!
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