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  1. Pieter..Good morning, thank you for the welcome, good to be here. Thanks for ths info on British Eagle. Peter.
  2. Good morning Attan, yes thanks for that, but I dont think their base was Luton, but I could be wrong on that. Thanks again Peter.
  3. Good Afternoon, First of all I apologise if this is in the wrong place, but I have looked through the site and there is no where for airline history, if I have missed it sorry, perhaps someone can move it in to the right place. Anyway who remembers BRITISH EAGLE Airways ? They finished in around 1968 I THINK, but they were in the days of BEA and BOAC, which as we know the latter two were formed in to British Airways.I just thought I would ask if anyone remembers the airline, I certainly do and would like to find others that remember them. Peter.
  4. "Mmm", someone will be made an example of over this I fear ! Mind you the pilots seemed to have enjoyed the child being on the radio,and agreed he/she done a good job.
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