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  1. Brilliant shots Azahan! Does the IR 747SP still operate to KUL? Cheers, Vivek
  2. Thanks so much! Was lucky to get a spotlessly clean window on our Air Asia X A330 - Vivek
  3. 9M-MTD holding short of Rwy 32R Clicked this from the window of our D7 A330 holding on the adjacent taxiway. - Vivek
  4. Beautiful shot of the MS 77W touching down Chaity! - Vivek
  5. Great shots, kianhong! Your shot of the AIX 738, VT-AXV might actually be her last photo clicked by anybody. As you might be aware, VT-AXV overshot the runway during landing and crashed into a valley at Mangalore, India on Saturday (May 22nd) - Vivek
  6. Excellent shots, Hoe Jyh and kianhong! That race between the 9W 332 and SQ 345 is my favourite. Can't wait to return to SIN and Crowne Plaza :-) - Vivek
  7. Excellent touchdown shots WT Liew! Especially the LH 744. - Vivek
  8. Nice shots Norman! Good to see our VT-JEA in Thai colours. - Vivek
  9. Some photos appearing in the media showed oxygen masks deployed, which means that there had been a rapid descent or de-pressurization. Some reports say that the fall was around 15000 ft! http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Emirates-flight-suffers-air-pocket-fall-plunges-15000-feet/articleshow/5855390.cms - Vivek
  10. It will be good to see Spicejet operating no-nonsense point to point regional services.
  11. Hey - just a quick note guys. I would be visiting Singapore (again!) next month. This time it is a family holiday I will be arriving on May 16th, and leaving on May 20th. I am planning to do a couple of hours of spotting on atleast one of the days that I am there. I have done the Crowne Plaza & CBP locations last time, so any pointers on what I can do this time? Also, which runway direction is mainly used for landing in May? In Jan/Feb, landings were mainly on Rway 02L. I would also love to catch up with SIN spotters during that time. Lemme know if anyone is around. - Vivek
  12. Australian Air Force F-111C Aardvark
  13. Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-212/ER 9V-SVM The plane with my initials
  14. Awesome close-ups of those take-offs, Cornelis! KLM has such variety. Time to plan a trip to AMS soon.... - Vivek
  15. Thanks, Cornelis! And here is a real classic! K-Mile Air Boeing 727-247F HS-SCJ - Vivek
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