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  1. A closed-business model. They have given up commercial operations, only active flying their private jets at the moment..
  2. Will history repeat itself again? Hmm...
  3. Wow...the logo is nice...Chevron-like
  4. Wow...never thought what AerLingus has been doing all this years is a 'success'..
  5. A 3 min video has been circulating the net showing an aircraft spiraling down and burst into flame. The video is recorded from a tanker.
  6. Obviously UTair will make full use if this video to take legal actions oj the Aerolinas
  7. Is NUFAM counted? MAPA is not a union... So it would make it,one? Only MASEU
  8. Why does she landed in SZB before proceeding to KUL?
  9. The police has denied this article.. Its just the tabloids editorial spinning old story to sell newspaper..
  10. As if the current Sultan Abdul Halim airport is at overcapacity already...
  11. I think this ads is mainly for their current cargo operations in KUL.. But we may never know
  12. I wonder what Mr Ray Tan feel about this incident.....
  13. The pilot reportedly to suffer broken ankle.. But looking at the state of the aircraft,i would say its miraculous for him to survive it...
  14. No he is not the co pilot mentioned above. He's not even flying the A380
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