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  2. Sorry folks, latest news is that the Surya Kiran is not coming. I'll try to get the official confirmation tomorrow morning.
  3. Ehh... Thats the official news I got from the RMAF. Sorry, calling via mobile to KL is expensive. I didn't ask much except when they are coming. More info later.
  4. Indian Air Force Surya Kiran will be there from Jan. 26-29. I was told they will perform over water so that people on both sides of the bridge can watch their display.
  5. He's leaving the squadron to move up his career path. Although he did say he wishes to keep flying past the retirement age.
  6. This LIMA is Giro's last appearance as the Su-30 demo pilot. I had the honor of interviewing him before the show ended. He shared with me his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, his flying experiences and his love for Malaysia. Hopefully I can find a magazine willing to publish his story.
  7. http://www.alert5.com/2009/12/picture-of-lifetime-mig-29n-and-f-11c.html The most important picture I took at LIMA
  8. Integrated flypast by the RSAF F-16C with AH-64D. RMAF Hornets and Hawk just arrived less than an hour ago.
  9. http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-language...&language=en_JP Book goes on sale today
  10. I took that pic It was taken on Friday, on the actual day they changed it to the F-16D and the area was cleared of support equipment. But the weather wasn't as good. I got some other spectacular shots as well. Like the Su-30 making a sharp right turn after take-off and it looks like its gonna attack the F-16s sitting on the ramp. They should be published soon in an aviation magazine. I'll scan and post them if anyone's interested.
  11. Aermacchi folks send me photos of the first 2 aircraft delivery to Kuantan http://www.alert5.com/2009/03/alenia-aerma...rst-two-mb.html
  12. USS Essex is currently in Thailand for Exercise Cobra Gold, I requested to visit the ship when it pulls into port but they suggested that I come aboard the ship to look at their flying ops. While the initial plan was to fly us in via helo thru Utapao, that plan was shot down and we went aboard using a LCAC instead. After leaving the ship, we had a chance to visit VMA-211 at Utapao and managed to catch a RTN S-2 and A-7 there as well. Pictures http://www.alert5.com/gallery/essex-cg09 Youtube video in HD
  13. http://www.codeonemagazine.com/archives/20...naga/index.html He has aged since that photo was taken.
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