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  1. wow, they have a Asia category, then China, India & South East Asia and why does Thai have the best 1st class lounge ? anybody have pictures to see how it compares to the rest ?
  2. if it's so hard for D7 , why can't they register themselves as a s'pore/thai/brunei entity ? obviously AK will stay malaysian so it can get the domestic slots. I would think brunei is a good one, since they have the facilities and low traffic / closer to aust & china,japan,taiwan etc (in terms of flight corridors) they can have a secondary hub wherever they decide to offload passenger and then connect them to KUL.
  3. superb news ! skipping straight to the big picture, this could mean our armed forces would eventually be fully equipped with Russian know how. of course the Russians havent really been known for transparency or fairness either
  4. hahaha ... i just visted the website. not only are most of the links dead, even the Follow Us on icons don't lead anywhere. I think they hired someone's kid to do this ? from the level of work, probably a 12 year old with wordpress. makes me wonder how they would handle flight ops, hiring proficient crew, customer service .. the list goes on. Sure you may "links" in Perak, but when you fly into other places how do you expect to support your operation ? what I'm guessing is a gullible owner. Even if I had no experience in a particular field, I would still boost confidence in my staff INSTEAD of telling them "it's alright, we're all new to this, we're expected to make mistakes" which is the feeling i'm getting here. either way, there are many more airlines flying into Riau and Silverfly will be at the very bottom of my list, if at all.
  5. whoaaaa .... any info of the people living in there ? Aviation lovers ? or just too "resourceful" ? i see lights on the belly as well , wished I could have one of those on my lawn !
  6. i think the "lost" here refers to irreparable damage ? [joke] but hey, if these really were "stolen" again ... anybody know who i should call for a couple of nuri's for my house? [/joke]
  7. No offense but , I've found presenting your Enrich card during Check In solves the problem of "missing miles" . I now show it with my IC , and no problems thus far (3 years and counting) Silver and above are entitled to board anytime they wish, It's all in the Welcome letter.
  8. any chance of buying their old Fokker 50 or B734 sims ? imagine sharing one between Mwings members
  9. possible to post up larger versions ? would make very nice wallpapers
  10. you sound very eager to create a heated debate. I'm curious how you came to find "metal fatigue" on AK planes. Perhaps a quick rainflow analysis & coherent optical cross correlation process summarized by miners rule was done before you uploaded your "facts" ? the most important thing to know is how little you know. After all, a little knowledge is a deadly thing.
  11. no joke. i'm lucky enough to have one of my lectures who was the chief engineer for the olympus engines on the Concord as well as BA's Chief engineer for this legendary bird. the Brits & French took turns to host technical meetings regarding the plane. When in Britain, english was used ... but when meetings were held in France ... French was the compulsory language.
  12. if you're able to wait, i'm on a flight back in dec so hopefully everything will be up and running by then current golden lounge in LHR is very poor for one of MH's cash routes. Normal toilets, no hand towels, no amenities, and the bar is always staffed by a lone bartender. Been there 3 times this year, same person. Not only that, drink and food selection is even worst than domestic lounges in Malaysia. No milk, weird food, very obvious pre-packed sushi, probably about 8 beverage types and no cocktails but the food selection does change, havent had the same thing twice. A bit of clarification on "weird food" : they used diluted peanut butter as satay sauce
  13. don't think MH will be affected much. After all C & Y fares on MH are meant for people with $$ to splash out on. Those same people won't be switching to AirAsia just to get a better deal, considering the lack of lounge facility,privileged check-in, express lanes, food and luggage allowance. but D7's new Premium seats will allow alot more people to travel long haul in comfort
  14. off my head, 1) Not being the launch customer for the A380, and with 3 other airlines already flying it routinely, there's nothing left to hoot about. 2) Maybe working on a new cabin concept ? 3) Or it could just be Airbus who can't provide a reliable ETA. IMHO, the SQ A380 campaign was much too gaudy. was there really a point in hanging a 1/50 SQ A380 model in Heathrow T3 ? Having a new plane won't automatically persuade the masses to switch carrier either way.
  15. nothing is really a "one man job". i'm sure there was more than one person doing the calculations and designs. Maybe the manufacturer (factory that shaped the materials) of the jet might continue on with it, after all no publicity after such an accident is always good. People forget and they can relaunch the product.
  16. most likely because it's the only airline in Malaysia that flys to the UK and being in Malaysia's top 40 richest, I doubt dishing out 5 digits would make his wallet any sexier (thin ) . Another thing might be because Heathrow is much better connected than Stansted. After all, if he really wanted to .. I'm sure the jumpseat or crew rest wouldn't be taken.
  17. i'm no expert, but I would say its down to the tolerances they built into an aircraft. With computer simulation and advanced calculation techniques, modern airliners are built with precision (efficient & saves material cost) so these aircraft would only stand up to what the designers think is a worst case scenario eg:heavy storms, multiple lighting strikes etc before the 80's , engineers probably over built airplanes. strengthening it beyond what was necessary to increase investor confidence. (back then, people would still hold their breath on a plane's maiden flight, wondering if it would really fly )
  18. since you already know what system has failed , why the email to AirAsia ? if you were traveling on a school bus, and one of the tyres got punctured, certainly the driver wouldn't have to explain : tyre manufacture date, last re-pressurization, road conditions and then load it all onto a visually pleasing "recreated simulation". As long as you get from A to B at the agreed fare, I would think AK fulfilled their obligation to you as a carrier. besides, what solace would it bring you to find that compressor C2, failed at 5327feet after take off @ 215 IAS due to a malfunctioning capacitor T2378SAD and pressure system had to shut down as per airbus procedure section 5.67 revision 2 .
  19. spotted a Embraer Legacy 600 taxing to take off around 1:30 pm-ish. was bearing indonesian flag ... any idea why it was there ?
  20. anymore repeats during waking hours ? astro site just not working for me ..
  21. go for KFC or ayammas ? MH serves "Grown In Malaysia" foodstuff on their international routes. Small packages that contain dried local fruit and some crackers + cheese to keep everyone else happy. so serving international food on domestic routes gives us the best of both worlds. sorry if my post sounds cluttered, trying MWings on my cell
  22. spotted during the on going Borneo Kite Festival have yet to see their design in the skies ...
  23. nothing out of the ordinary just had to fill in a form, and the 2 nurses waved me through. in fact, only 1 of 2 thermal stations at immigration was manned after that was on a flight back to btu. same procedure upon arrival. seems only foreigners are subject to their body temp being taken as I was not given a 2nd look even after stating i came from a H1N1 "hotzone" . Going off to KL again today
  24. traveling back via MH 1 tomorrow. Anybody knows what screening process we have to go through at Heathrow or KLIA ?
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