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  1. Perhaps he (or Japanese in general) know something more about Penang than Malaysia as well. My opinion is that perhaps tourism industry players including airlines can emphasise more on individual regions, rather than Malaysia as a whole, be cause it seems that outsiders in general are more familiar with certain places than others, despite all located within the same country.
  2. As in Sabah case, more or less I can see the pattern here, western/European tourists visit Sandakan for its nature, Chinese and West Malaysian tourists visit Semporna for its islands, and Koreans seems to hardly ever venture anywhere else outside of KK😄
  3. Hoping FY can increase intra-East Malaysia flights, don't mind replacing even MH itself on some routes e.g. BKI-SDK/TWU. Give AK some serious competition!
  4. Is this an error on the part from FR24? I don't understand this.😅
  5. The plane flew KUL-AUH-JFK (onwards to SWF) after that. Why the AUH stopover? I thought A359 can do 13-14 hour non-stop or perhaps could even reach New York non-stop from KUL, assuming the PM and his entourage numbered dozens.
  6. Do you think A220s and E-jets might be suitable for some of smaller airports in the country? For example, can LDU and MZV airports handle such aircrafts? Or is it a more cost effective than ATRs? Seems to me Airbus and Embraer have been trying to woo our local airlines to buy these planes. Embraer's Malaysia report foresees potential for over 100 new routes within Malaysia, the region (nst.com.my)
  7. Any reliable source regarding Starlux?
  8. Same experience as above with MH lately as frequent traveller on BKI-SDK vv, although I didn't expect that to occur on such a very important route (KUL-SIN). During the height of MCOs, I put my trust with MH more so than AK because I was under the impression that AK flights were prone to cancellations. But recently it was the other way around.
  9. Hi all, Recently realised that a young lady is attempting to break the Guinness world record as the youngest female solo aviator to circumnavigate the world. As of writing, she is now in BKI ahead of schedule to avoid Super Typhoon Rai. She is scheduled to depart for Jakarta later today. More info: FlyZolo – Youngest Woman Solo
  10. Plenty of information sources about Europe outside any of those formal (TV/Newspaper) ads.
  11. Aviation industry seems to slowly pick up, in general. I can't comment of latest aviation infra developments in KUL, PEN, KCH and others, but here in BKI there is an obvious on-going construction on the taxiways for the past several months now (Google Earth image attached for reference). Does anyone know what is the construction for? On a more general outlook, I don't think there would not be any airport expansion or relocation for the next decade or so. Passenger traffic has been decimated for more than a year now. If aviation traffic continued similar growth trajectory in 2020 from 2019, passenger numbers could have breached 10 million for the first time. It could take perhaps at least five or even up to 10 years to reach the 2019 level, give or take. And COVID-19 has altered the way we conduct businesses and meetings. There is no need to travel to KUL or beyond just to attend some 1–2-hour meetings. That can now be done simply using Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Leisure trips could pick-up, as many people say - 'revenge tourism', out of lockdown, and in need of mental release. But would the experience be the same as before? In Venice, it is suggested that tourist numbers should have a limit, because the city was, in pre Covid era, overly touristed. During lockdown, nature seems to thrive, but with tourists slowly coming back, some people fear that the calm that came with covid will be gone. What about in Malaysia, especially tourism dependent Sabah? Therefore, I could imagine a secondary airport like BKI will maintain its size for decades to come, with minor expansion. For one thing, the airport is conveniently close to KK. I live only 10 minutes away from the terminal. Most of us in KK do live some 30 minutes away from the airport, traffic conditions permitted. If one issue emanating from BKI towards overall development challenge in KK (height restriction), is the runway position, not the terminal. I think the present runway should be decommissioned, and a new one should be built further out at sea, away from heading directly towards KK CBD. Or shortened present runway to just half of its length (leaving southern portion only) to accommodate lighter planes like ATRs or small business jets (like LCY) operations. And full-length runway (4,000M) could be built further out at sea. The remaining decommissioned parts of the airport could be redeveloped into something else, like large public park (something KK really lacks, despite being marketed as nature resort city). Anyway, this is my point of view specifically on BKI though.
  12. Makes me wonder how government even regulates long-term transportation planning and investment? Seems like the gov. tries to prioritize everything over the past two decades - more rail (ETS, ECRL, HSR)? more airports (KLIA2, KXP)? more highways (WCE, PBH)? Although, admittedly, some of decisions is logical like HSR and KLIA2, although these have issues of their own. If gov. really serious about bringing in more passengers to airports, should have just invest few strategic regional airports (e.g. KUL, PEN, KCH, BKI) as major gateways only. Then, railways and highways should complement these regional airports. If Malaysians have that Greta Thunberg attitude at their own will, say bye-bye to small domestic airports.
  13. Oh wow, oh wow... I thought our finance minister/banker/senator already said NO already...
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