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  1. Can't be that MSA split alone that many years ago cause recent MH's predicament - his statement seems like a lame excuse. A lot of things happened since then (especially involving decision making parts) that have turn MH into what it is today. If SQ isn't managed well, it would not be as successful as it is today.
  2. I guess with recent discussion regarding MH fleet planning, want to share the latest news from our neighbour: Royal Brunei Places 787 Order With An Eye On 787-8 Replacement | Aviation Week Network
  3. Why not Tashkent or Samarkand? Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia. While Samarkand is well known with grand buildings dating back to Silk Route era.
  4. Turkmenistan has quite the similarities with North Korea, according to some. Albeit, more friendly with the West.
  5. Can the thread title be changed to something like "BKI Spotting Thread"?...seems like 2021 left us far already.
  6. Maybe Boeing should consider new model replacing 737s. The current model maxed out its potential already.
  7. Is this the first time a carbon composite plane completely destroyed by fire in an accident? The fuselage is literally melting and collapsing like brittle plastic!
  8. My parents are lucky! They were among the first passengers at the inaugural flight today. My dad's notable comment is - it smells plastic😁. There was no inaugural ceremony at the gate, and no commemorative gifts. Apart from the new aircraft announcement by the crew, it was just a typical flight. I guess, if the crews didn't announced it, the passengers most probably didn't notice they were in a new aircraft at all.
  9. I am not sure how is the prevailing pattern now, but pre-COVID there are plenty of government official and business-related travels between KUL and East Malaysia (esp. BKI and KCH), usually for meetings and to lesser extent conferences, seminars. Usually as a day trip or 2-3 nights. Make sense if the venue is at Putrajaya (nearer to KUL). Otherwise, its just too time consuming to reach KL proper, if one is not keen on staying overnight.
  10. I would be excited if non-stop flights from East Malaysia to SZB reinstated (by any airline) as an alternative to KUL. If that happens, can potentially saves us travellers extra MYRs on ground transport to KL.
  11. FLYING A SUSPENDED AIRLINE - MALAYSIA'S FAILED MYAIRLINE! - YouTube Josh Cahill managed to hop on the airline days before it went bust.
  12. Pity, had a flight once with Z9. Could have been a tough competitor to AK. Was interested for further flights with the airline. The fare may be cheaper than the competition but the schedule and frequency on offer wasnt just right for me...so settle for AK.
  13. Any of you in MH flights post-Brahim? How was the meal like?
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