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  1. Reintroduce Feri Malaysia, or some form of ferry services as maritime highway between EM and WM. Sure, it may take days but if one can drive and bring car along, why not? Partly agree. However, some working in services sector or in jobs that require you in standby mode, I think applying leave earlier would be more difficult. Of course, anyone can book flights early, but your boss suddenly says you can only apply leave after Raya or after Kaamatan/Gawai days before your flight, when you already booked yourself a ticket for flights on the eve of either of these holidays, unless you have spare money to change flight schedule, then no choice but just let it 'burn'.
  2. Malaysians may not spend that much on air travel, but my guess is perhaps they splurge most of their money on the ground (i.e. shopping and dining when travelling).
  3. Abg Jo is not the right person to talk about technical details of the proposed airline. He should delegate that matter to a more appropriate or relevant spokeperson. Would be interesting to see the outcome of this venture. Who knows it may eventually turns into a full fledged carrier on par with established regional and international carriers of today.
  4. Way before even this gets into the news, MH has been advising visitors via a pop-up notification on their website to not buy MH flights from a so-called unauthorised sites. I guess this is a indirect reminder to the public not to buy MH flights via AK SuperApp.
  5. Lahad Datu seems like a good candidate for flights beyond dependence on MASWings in the near future. Plan of new airport capable of handling narrow body jets has been surfacing now and then further east at Silabukan (an area between Lahad Datu and Tungku). Why not BKI-TWU-TRK vv? Oh, wait is it because TWU-TRK distance is too short for A320s?
  6. Unfortunately, it also happens in other sectors in the country as well. Seems like we are somewhat insulated from trends, risks or opportunities that hinder us from doing proper planning (or lack of planning skills at all).
  7. I flew into LHR few years back (before COVID). Before that I was looking at the flight itinerary and saw the ticket price breakdown, and LHR authorities alone charged me around RM800 in airport charges and taxes! And compared that with KLIA, if I'm not mistaken was only RM72.00... How on earth MAHB survives all these years?
  8. Makes me also think if there was alternative design which does not require moving passengers between buildings or teminals using automated people mover. Cant really compare KLIA with Changi since the former also deals with domestic passenger flow, meaning that the final design probably aims to simplify that flow, by combining with international pax in a single terminal building then separate them into different areas/buildings. An alternative design could have been less 'high tech', but serves the purpose (of moving pax) more efficiently. Of course I still like the overall sleek and immaculate design of KLIA.
  9. Ah yes thanks for your input! But, A350 is the supposed 777 successor right? Anyway, back to the real topic...:)
  10. It seems to me that we somehow dislike long-term planning, and prefer ad-hoc actions: 1) Aerotrain issues (end of lifespan - should have been replaced before problem occurs) 2) Alteration of original KLIA Masterplan (later got problem with soil at KLIA2 aka Terminal 2 site) 3) MAS fleet renewal problems (A330s replacement, if not mistaken) Why? and why?
  11. I imagine that during the heydays of 707s, 727s and early 737 classics (those with turbojets), the noise pollution would be far greater intensity than compared with today's turbofans. I remember during my stay in Penang. I stayed near the airport. One day I was startled by the noise of a 707 departing, very noisy indeed, almost like a thunder jolt. Then, it was followed by a 777, but the noise generated is far lesser and smoother, yet its a significantly larger aircraft. Goes to show how far aircraft powerplant technology has improved.
  12. Would love to have jet flights (again) from SZB to East Malaysia. That would cut door-to-door travelling time by at least 1 hour.
  13. We will get used to the new names eventually, as long as there are good connections between terminals, and MAB and Capital A airline groups do not spread their operations across two terminals.
  14. Perhaps he (or Japanese in general) know something more about Penang than Malaysia as well. My opinion is that perhaps tourism industry players including airlines can emphasise more on individual regions, rather than Malaysia as a whole, be cause it seems that outsiders in general are more familiar with certain places than others, despite all located within the same country.
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