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  1. Hi Guys... Been a while since I last posted in this forum... Anyway..just in case anyone/someone/everyone is/are interested... do have a look here.. http://careers.etihadairways.com/ehire/English/Flightjob.aspx Good Luck :-) DB:-)
  2. just got back from today's show...was surprised at the trade day's attendees today...many were looking like students & tourist hence a more than usual crowd i'd expect on a trade day... was quite dissapointed initially when i saw not many aircrafts were at the static display & after hearing the news of cancellation of the F-111 & the T-50 aerial display...tho was soon delighted when RSAF duo put down an impressive show... a total of 4 aircraft went into the air today namely the RSAF F16 + AH64D, A10 Thunderbolt II, Eurocopter EC130 & the Aermacchi M346...that's all on the bright side...got myself a jolly good tan tho...hahahaha...as if i need more of those pics comin up soon... arghhhh...sunburnnnn!!!! DB
  3. bro..best if you could buy it online...i heard they're limiting tickets to 60000/day only to avoid overcrowding & you may get disappointed if its sold out...or get someone in SG to get a ticket for you...i was told they have a booth in raffles city centre selling tickets for the public day... DB:)
  4. hehehe...thanks Norman...just lucky to be at the right place at the right time with th right equipments...hehehe Yeahh bro..cant hardly wait for the new season...hopefully will get the Off Days request approved... DB:)
  5. a few more which i managed to process tonight...jetlag in YBBN now the elegant "Miss Demeanor" Romancing the moon enjoy DB:)
  6. yeahh...we were right at the top of the grandstand right infront of the action... & i was using the 200-400/4 & the 70-200/2.8+ TC1.4... most of the shots seen here using the 70-200 & TC1.4 combo...
  7. Hi guys... Its the time of the year again...for a nice day out in cool temperature...& for shooting them crazy bunch of people tumbling upsidedown in their little aeroplane...& some macho military flying machines too... here they are...enjoy Next up///The Red Bull Air Race 2010...26-27th March...
  8. hey guys...I'll be there on the 5th too !! will be arriving on the homebound leg from BNE on the 4th evening & leaving for AUH on 6th evening... maybe we can go together...I'll be staying at Fairmont Hotel... anyone else?? cheers.. DB:)
  9. i did ..hehehe had the cam on my gorillapod & stuck it behind the jumpseat headrest... set the cam to interval timer to start shooting for every 30 secs 5 mins before landing... & left it there till we completed the shutdown checklist... still trying to find a good balance with this kinda shot...maybe next time i'll let the floodlight to be on... Dubai Airshow was a blast...faridz was there too...went the 2nd day but too bad...the Raptor was not flying on that day...only on the 1st day hehehe...the F2.0 rawkssss!!!
  10. hi guys...been a while again...too busy enjoying raya..hehehe... anyway...here's 1 shot i took during my first landing after the month long leave....& the landing?? boy...it wasnt my fault but the runway came up...hehehe anyway...still need more try & error to do...not very happy with what i got here but at least i've got some good ideas on how to improve larr... wish me luck!! enjoy!! btw..i'm in YBBN now...any tips on spotting here??
  11. hahah!! no wonder...anyway managed to squeeze some time there at the aviation viewing park by the concorde...it was a cold partly cloudy & very windy day...the windsocks looked like it had viagra!!! but it was backlit...sun was at the southern part of the airfield not many traffic too...just managed a few dismal shots of PIA 777-200LR & the emirates 777-300ER plus a few other smaller jets...a lot more departure traffic but from my position...its too far & the backlit situation didn't help...maybe next time i'll walk a bit more & cross to the other side of the runway & catch the departing traffic...i'll post the pics i got shortly...
  12. oh no!! its raining!! i'll try again tomorrow morning larrr
  13. Derek...I'll be flying into EGCC on Fri 13/3 early morning & leaving next day evening...i'll be staying at Marriott Manchester Airport & am planning to walk to the aviation park to do some spotting...hopefully weather will be fine & not too cold...any tips on the best time of the day & where the best spot will be??
  14. last year when pres bush came to uae for a visit...the airport area was closed to all...no unauthorised cars allowed anywhere near the airport & i was stuck in the training academy building for a few hours during the VVIP movements as no one is allowed to be outside the buildings surrounding the airport...but this is the middle east...maybe things are different elsewhere... the good part was... a few days before his arrival...faridz & myself went spotting & we managed to catch a surprise traffic in the form of a USAF C17 Globemaster that plane is a beauty!!
  15. hehehe...it was my bad bad landing...too much heat coming from just before touchdown point... well...who can fly when people points shiny long things at you on short finals larrr ahahak!!
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