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  1. With reference to Wikipedia, it seems that AK will be starting BKI-ICN in Aug 2020. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_International_Airport#Airlines_and_destinations
  2. @4:10-4:32 - This is the part I felt shocked and disgusted. Did the previous government intentionally try to discourage voters from travelling home to vote? Order to cancel all those extra flights? Or could it be some other reason I'm not aware of eg: air traffic control limitations / market supply regulations / MAB protectionism? Anyone here working for MAVCOM can clarify? But then again there was also the fixing of a midweek polling date and the open rebuke of Cathay Pacific's fee waiver.
  3. I flew on the A350 BKI-KUL. Flight time was 2 hours 2 mins on my watch.
  4. Will be flying business (successful MHupgrade!) BKI-KUL tomorrow. Web check in shows F seats available for selection. Seriously tempted, but looking at the frustrations on this thread, will pick a regular seat first. At least secure a favourable J seat first, then tomorrow at check in counter will try and request for seat reassignment to row 1. Let's see what happens. If successful, I'll be a Y ticket holder being MHupgraded to F...!
  5. I'm wondering why is KLIA2 Plaza Premium Lounge located at such a weird location.. Pier L. I had a flight at Pier P, but wanted to check out the International PPL at Pier L. Had to go through a one-way flow direction, past Pier L security check. Reaching the lounge isn't really a problem, but getting out of Pier L is troublesome. Had to walk against passenger flow, back to the security check. There is no exit lane. So had to talk to the officers explaining that I need to get to Pier P, and they have to halt the incoming passenger queue to let me (reverse out) through the scanners. Really inconvenient and I would not bother to visit that PPL again, unless my flight departs from Pier L itself. Or does anyone here know an alternative way back without having to interrupt security officers?
  6. Yes China air traffic is notorious. I once had a 6 hour wait sitting inside the plane, just awaiting for pushback clearance. Dragonair HKG to PVG.
  7. Meal reviews are highly subjective depending on customer. Even Michelin starred restaurants can get poor reviews. No meal, no matter what skyhigh rating they have, can please ALL customers. So I guess it goes down to mass review comparisons.. In my opinion: AK > OD > MH When it comes to foreign airlines, strangely I kinda like Uzbekistan Airways meals although they often get poor reviews. KLM is also high up in my list. The giants like Emirates is meh.. Cathay Pacific also so so.. Back to MH, I miss the days when I rated MH in my top 3.. prior to the mealbox era. Especially loved their rice+chicken kurma! They need to bring that back!
  8. How about if depart Fri/Sat, return Sun? Also RM250? Website booking shows RM593
  9. Highlights the importance of getting travel insurance. There's no need for sleeping 2 nights on the airport floor. If MAB doesn't provide accomodation, then look for one yourself and claim from insurance. Some passengers need to be more proactive rather than just wait to be spoon-fed compensation by the airline. While MAB is getting the bashing now, I would also say this can happen on any other airline too.
  10. I very much prefer this livery compared to the stale-looking current one.
  11. I was wondering exactly the same thing... I usually redeem my Enrich points for the vouchers - to use for Temptations. But now I notice there's not even a single word of Temptations on the MAB website.
  12. I do agree with that.. Let's say 6 flights, 180 pax each. So the first flight gets cancelled. I'd rather have 180 unhappy passengers rather than domino-effect it to 1080 unhappy passengers! More unhappy passengers means overworked ground staff, more emails which don't get read or answered, more compensation dished out, more pax complaining on social media, more PR setbacks, more etc...
  13. Malaysia Airlines - B737, B747, B777, A300, A310, A330 MAS Wings - ATR72 Firefly - B737 AirAsia - A320 AirAsia X - A330 Malindo - B737 Royal Brunei - B757, B767, B787, A320 Thai Airways - A300, A340 Vietnam Airlines - A321 Sri Lankan Airlines - A330 Uzbekistan Airlines - B757, IL62, IL86, TU154 Dragonair - A320, A321, A330 Cathay Pacific - A330, A340, B747 Emirates - B777, A340 Qatar Airways - A330, A340 KLM - B737, B747, B777 British Airways - A320 Aeroflot - A320
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