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  1. MH ranked 8th in the list of World’s Most Improved Airlines! XD
  2. Lady yang mempersiasuikan... ps: The male passenger sounded so Hongkie!
  3. Heard that they have just banned overweight people & family with kid on board their B789 business class. Sad case.
  4. Spotted something different or is it just me. Main page on MH website scroll down under column “travel comfortably”... that IFE screen looked too small even for a A333...
  5. Was the seat as crampy as it looked?
  6. no doubt the best looking aircrafts now in MH’s fleet will be the A350.
  7. the business class seats looked wider compared to A330, and based on the youtube review video above the economy class seat pitch looked generous (could be the reason that the vlogger body size is smaller)
  8. so do we call that an upgrade to high-tech all touch screen or downgrade with no controller d?
  9. ohh.... now i saw it. because in MAS website the A350 page the pictures tak ada...
  10. i cant find where the IFE controls are located in Y & Y+ seats... anyone have a clue?
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