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  1. https://www.nst.com.my/business/corporate/2024/03/1028371/main-road-subang-airport-be-realigned-ease-traffic
  2. Not about the airline or the company, but more about the Orang Asli community themselves.. maybe in the past they were not exposed or felt confident to apply for this kind of job. Have you seen Orang Asli (not Sabahan or Sarawakian natives) working as cabin crew or pilot or aircraft engineer with other airlines before?
  3. Malaysia Airlines welcomes first Orang Asli cabin crew I can see Air Asia to follow suit
  4. Firefly Schedules Chongqing Charters From July 2024 Firefly later this month is launching scheduled charter service to Chongqing, with flights offered from both Kuala Lumpur and Penang, on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Kuala Lumpur – Chongqing eff 20JUL24 3 weekly 737-800 FY3850 KUL2130 – 0200+1CKG 738 246 FY3851 CKG0300 – 0730KUL 738 357 Penang – Chongqing eff 22JUL24 737-800 operates every 4-5 days FY3846 PEN2135 – 0200+CKG 738 FY3847 CKG0300 – 0715PEN 738 https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240710-fyjul24ckg
  5. Batik Air Malaysia August 2024 Indonesia Network Expansion Batik Air Malaysia in August 2024 is adding 3 routes to Indonesia, including service to Padang, Pekanbaru and Surabaya, on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Kuala Lumpur – Padang eff 01AUG24 1 daily 737-800 OD332 KUL0940 – 0955PDG 738 D OD333 PDG1045 – 1300KUL 738 D Kuala Lumpur – Pekanbaru eff 01AUG24 1 daily 737-800 OD336 KUL0945 – 0940PKU 738 D OD337 PKU1030 – 1225KUL 738 D Kuala Lumpur – Surabaya eff 01AUG24 2 daily 737-800 (Last served until September 2021) OD350 KUL0715 – 0855SUB 738 D OD352 KUL1800 – 1940SUB 738 D OD351 SUB1005 – 1345KUL 738 D OD353 SUB2030 – 0010+1KUL 738 D These services are in addition to Lion Air Group carrier Super Air Jet's operation. Service under IU-coded flight numbers are available for reservation, although with minimal fare selections. https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240705-odaug24id
  6. Batik Air Malaysia Moves Tawau – Nanjing Service to August 2024 Batik Air Malaysia has revised planned service addition on Tawau – Nanjing route, scheduled 3 times weekly with 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Previously scheduled from 08JUL24, the airline now plans to operate this route from 02AUG24 at earliest. OD680 TWU2045 – 0130+1NKG 7M8 135 OD681 NKG0230 – 0715TWU 7M8 246 https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240704-odaug24twunkg
  7. Batik Air Malaysia 3Q24 Chengdu Service Expansion Batik Air Malaysia in the third quarter of 2024 schedules service expansion to Chengdu, as the airline adds service from Kota Kinabalu and Tawau from July 2024, followed by expanded service from Kuala Lumpur by September 2024. Kota Kinabalu – Chengdu Tianfu eff 18JUL24 3 weekly 737 MAX 8 OD618 BKI2125 – 0215+1TFU 7M8 246 OD619 TFU0315 – 0800BKI 7M8 357 Kuala Lumpur – Chengdu Tianfu eff 17SEP24 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly, 737 MAX 8 OD672 KUL2130 – 0215+1TFU 7M8 x246 OD672 KUL2135 – 0220+1TFU 7M8 246 OD673 TFU0315 – 0745KUL 7M8 x357 OD673 TFU0320 – 0750KUL 7M8 357 Tawau – Chengdu Tianfu eff 19JUL24 3 weekly 737 MAX 8 OD698 TWU2030 – 0130+1TFU 7M8 135 OD699 TFU0230 – 0730TWU 7M8 246 https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240704-od3q24tfu
  8. Riyadh Air Test Flights Signal Future Direct Routes to Kuala Lumpur Boosting Travel https://www.travelandtourworld.com/news/article/riyadh-air-test-flights-signal-future-direct-routes-to-kuala-lumpur-boosting-travel/
  9. My mistake. Rumor I heard was Johannesburg and not Cape Town.
  10. Heard that D7 will be launching flights to Cape Town (this year) and San Francisco (early next year) from KUL.
  11. Malaysia Airlines July 2024 One-Time 737 MAX Taipei Service Malaysia Airlines this week plans one-time aircraft changes on Kuala Lumpur – Taipei Taoyuan route, as the airline schedules one-time Boeing 737 MAX 8 operation, on 06JUL24. This route is normally served by 737-800 or A330-200/-300 aircraft. MH366 KUL0915 – 1410TPE 7M8 MH367 TPE1510 – 2000KUL 7M8 Malaysia Airlines NW24 Seoul Aircraft Changes Malaysia Airlines in Northern winter 2024/25 season is adjusting operational aircraft on selected Kuala Lumpur – Seoul Incheon service, as the airline schedules Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft between 27OCT24 and 06FEB25. The 737 MAX will replace A330 on the 5 weekly MH038/039 service. MH038 KUL1415 – 2210ICN 7M8 x12 MH066 KUL2315 – 0630+1ICN 333 D MH039 ICN0010 – 0615KUL 7M8 x23 MH067 ICN1105 – 1645KUL 333 D MH038/039 on selected dates during Christmas/New Year period will continue to be operated by A330-300, instead of 737 MAX. From 29JAN25, MH038/039 will once again to be operated by A330-300, except 737 MAX 8 scheduled on 30JAN25 and 06FEB25 (Kuala Lumpur departure). https://www.aeroroutes.com/
  12. Batik Air Malaysia Expands Thailand Network From Sep 2024 Batik Air Malaysia from mid-September 2024 schedules expanded service to Thailand, as the carrier plans to operate service to Hat Yai and Krabi, on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Kuala Lumpur – Hat Yai eff 13SEP24 1 daily 737-800 OD588 KUL1135 – 1150HDY 738 D OD589 HDY1240 – 1500KUL 738 D Kuala Lumpur – Krabi eff 13SEP24 1 daily 737-800 OD586 KUL1140 – 1205KBV 738 D OD587 KBV1305 – 1540KUL 738 D https://www.aeroroutes.com/eng/240701-odsep24th
  13. Qingdao Airlines Adds Qingdao – Kuala Lumpur From July 2024 Chinese carrier Qingdao Airlines next week plans to add new service to Malaysia, with the scheduling of Qingdao – Kuala Lumpur route. From 09JUL24, the carrier’s airbus A321 aircraft will operate this route 3 times weekly. QW9893 TAO0905 – 1450KUL 321 246 QW9894 KUL1550 – 2140TAO 321 46 QW9894 KUL1550 – 2145TOA 321 2 China Eastern Schedules Yantai – Kuala Lumpur in 3Q24 China Eastern in the third quarter of 2024 plans to introduce additional route to Malaysia, as the airline schedules Yantai – Kuala Lumpur nonstop flight. Operating for 4-week period, the Skyteam member will serve this route twice weekly from 28JUL24 to 29AUG24 with Airbus A320. MU7363 YNT1750 – 0020+1KUL 320 37 MU7364 KUL0120 – 0750YNT 320 14 https://www.aeroroutes.com/
  14. Because other source said it will be the Vietnamese Vietjet Air with increasing flight frequencies (or maybe launching new flights to KUL from other Vietnamese cities ie Hanoi, Danang, etc..) https://www.ttrweekly.com/site/2024/06/airlines-flying-to-klia-back-at-pre-covid-level/
  15. Vietjet Air already served KUL for quite sometimes now. Did they refer to Thai Vietjet Air instead?
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