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  1. Go team did not fill up the aircraft. Longer range possible on (much) smaller payload.
  2. Well...great for us but not so great for bottomline. ROI on refurbishments are typically 8-12 years. So unless you plan to use till 2022 onwards.....
  3. Is KUL-PEK now back at 1x daily? Tried to book just now and I only see one flight for my dates..... Could be a direct response. In which case - good, quick move on MAS' part.
  4. Functionally? we do. Its within the DCA Flight Ops Division. Should we have a standalone Govt Agency like NTSB? Well that's open for debate. Personally i think if the function is already served within DCA, we don't need one as our air transport space isn't big enough - and we don't have that many GA activity. But then again its up for opinion. For ground transport there's already SPAD and MIROS.
  5. My humble 2c regarding the release of info. Investigative bodies rarely reveal key evidence before conclusion of the investigation. Why is this? to avoid a certain bias developing, to avoid mis-interpretation of the evidence, and of course, further family distress. By revealing key info early - you're allowing a circus-like 'trial-by-public' such as what we're seeing with a certain sportsman in South Africa. Have you ever seen NTSB/AAIB/etc releasing full CVR transcript PRIOR to the full report? if you have, please let me know. To my limited knowledge, i have not seen any. At the very least, its with a prelim report, which comes at least after 75% of the investigation is done. Just because daily telegraph/daily mail/guardian broke the transcript news (which by the way looks very dodgy to anyone who has an inkling of cockpit communication)...does not mean DCA should just pants down and release everything just to debunk them. For all you know, it could be a journalistic trick to get the authorities to release the transcript. I wouldnt put the media past this.
  6. More often than not the difference between PR heaven and hell, is just the manner in which policy is executed. Not the policy itself. In this case I think AK did the right thing. Whether or not they appeared mean/heartless? nobody knows. Some years ago I was on a flight in Europe where an almost similar event occured. The captain himself came out, and spoke to the mother, cradled the baby, hugged the mother, shook hands with some passengers, and passed the case on to the ground staff 5 minutes later. Mother sobbed, but nodded in agreement with solution. Some pics snapped. Voila, PR heaven.
  7. No worries bro. These moves are almost nothing compared to the stuff test pilots do on proving flights, and even post MRO C or D check. The bird can take it, and much more. Mileage wise, you'd have to see the entire test schedule. But for airplanes, I wouldnt wanna take delivery of any aircraft with '0' on the odometer. In fact, my comfort level increases with the amount of G's the bird has been taken through without damage. You know how it is, bumper kereta tercabut, can always park tepi jalan and curse that proton dealer. If anything were capable to be tercabut on an airplane, I'd want it to come off before i pay. If damage, MAS will be fully compensated and any dings are borne by Airbus before transfer of title is concluded. No biggie. In fact, i believe the publicity MAS gained on this little exercise far outweighs the additional cycle (if any above normal proving schedule). OT but slightly On topic - a few months ago Embraer even did a world tour with one of Frontier's E190s pre-delivery. All part of the plan, and it is all priced in (certain discounts were on offer due to the use) but won't be disclosed. So its a fairly normal thing for a/c pre-delivery to be used for publicity.
  8. Sorry, just wanna share some facts. Spot on. Wrong. That's all in the past. GLCs travel desk are liberalized. MAS would have to fight with CX,EK,SQ and win over their business just like anyone else. Sure, there's always an inclination towards MAS, but that's more customer preference, schedule fit and also speed to destination (other airlines need to transit). I personally know two GLC C-suite officers who is an avid SQ flyer (even to MH destinations), and MH is trying hard to win over these guys. Even Government Departments are moving towards this direction - many are taking AK and even SQ. Some still operate on warrants, but in time, all will be liberalized. The passing of the malaysian competition act enforced by the MyCC, as well as the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty supports this. Not sure if all need approval from JPA (JPA must be swamped with travel requests then!) Students on JPA scholarship maybe yes, but definitely the blanket rule is gone.
  9. Keep us updated Hakan. Found the pilot yet?
  10. RRSM in action possibly. Not that dramatic from the cockpit (or anywhere else) but this sure is a great photo!
  11. Sure. Not arguing that it is a path of less resistance. However, it is still not a bailout. Let's call a spade a spade here. There's competitive yields and theres no guarantee. I disagree on the second point, that foreign financiers will always ensure theres GG - but hey, thats your opinion and i welcome it
  12. MAR, catch the A380 home la. Then can have our mamak session.
  13. Great job, kudos to Bapak Emirsyah. Formula very simple. Downsize, renew, regrow.
  14. I think we need to be clear with words here flee. This is not a 'bailout' financing. Airlines issue bonds all the time and 5-minutes of googling would reveal that a number of other airlines have and will issue bonds for capex and opex requirements (Emirates, AA, HK airlines, etc.....). It is just simply, another way of getting funding. Plus there is no government guarantee here. Hence the word 'bailout' is completely false.
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