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  1. Anyone heard anything about MH launching DOH?
  2. Don't know if you guys read.. Captain Izham said the idea might be to close down MH.. Use Firefly AOC for 6 months.. then rename to "Malaysia" again because Firely won't be known internationally. They have even registered code MY with IATA. EDIT: Sorry I just realized that MY is MASwings. But yeah that's what he said.
  3. Yeah, that's why I'm curious if he indeed feels betrayed by Airbus. Weird.
  4. Tony on LinkedIn: Been off LinkedIn for a while, since Jan 30th when I got a shocking piece of news. Being let down by a partner that you felt was family hurt a lot. But that’s for another time . Sponsorship was always about building a great brand and no one can deny Airasia has built a great brand Is he talking about Airbus?
  5. No funding is indeed the reason. With government like this, fragile like this, it will be some while before these things can be finalized.
  6. Considering that now AAX stock price is at about 9 sen (!!!), I think it is ripe for Tony/Kamaruddin/Tune to privatize it again and consolidate operations under one operating company (which I think was always the case anyway). Talking about stock price, AirAsia closed RM1.01 last Friday but today it is at RM1.04. Crazy times.
  7. I just gave you a big hint Anyway, the date on this presentation is 10th October 2019. Well before all this Airbus/Rolls Royce drama.
  8. They most likely would, if they are behind this proposal..... If.
  9. They passed a resolution for the group to buy the private jet
  10. Government still needs to source for the money somewhere. GST?
  11. Could expansion be done without raising PSC? Or airport levy (like Changi?) Too expensive a political move, maybe?
  12. In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, the airline said the relinquishment would be for a period of two months or such other period that the company may deem fit. In view of the current difficult economic circumstances facing the airline industry, a Non-Executive Independent Board Committee formed by AAGB’s Board of Directors has also decided to retain them as advisors to the company during the two-month period. So basically, nothing la.. haha Personally, from my limited knowledge, I don't think there is any wrongdoing either. Unethical, maybe. But not corruption. I don't know.. hmm
  13. If a passenger thinks something is confusing, then it must be - to a certain extent. That said, compared to many other airports, I don't think KLIA is confusing at all. But perhaps that's because I (we) are so used to it?
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