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  1. Wow, that's almost double the capacity of an ATR. Big dreams?
  2. I've been lucky to be able to fly to both BKK and DMK within the past few months. As an avgeek, BKK more impressive but if you are looking for convenience, it's DMK. Smaller, faster. While I agree its weird the airline is flying to both, especially as they are new, AirAsia are also doing the same.
  3. This thread should just be a social media viral posts thread
  4. What do the via Bali flights mean? Same flight number? Is it considered 5th freedom for Indonesia then? Anyway wonder how long is a SZB-KUA flight Surely end-to-end driving is much faster, especially if you live in KL. But great to have the option nonetheless!
  5. Just want to say I've flown 4x in recent weeks for Raya and a short BKK trip. Good experience in general and service top notch. The KUL-BKK sector was particularly good and I'm not joking when I say the omelette breakfast was a 10/10 for me I hate to compare, but AK has just been so disastrous for me lately that maybe the slight improvement from MH was just felt much more.
  6. haha I thought so too. It's also not as if the article was entirely pro-MAHB. Weird indeed.
  7. Considering how much international traffic is intra-ASEAN vs otherwise, KLIA's PSC is surely too low to compete. They should definitely raise it. I don't think anyone makes a decision whether to travel or not because the PSC is too high.
  8. jani

    Riyadh Air

    I guess that's the same line of thinking when Qatar hosted the World Cup.
  9. Agreed. Easier to follow. Should all the other threads be renamed appropriately then? IE MH Privatization, AirAsia COVID, Batik rebrand etc to just MH thread, AirAsia thread, Batik thread etc etc.
  10. jani

    Riyadh Air

    Is alcohol the only defining factor to compete against ME3? It may happen, I'm just saying I will be totally shocked.
  11. jani

    Riyadh Air

    I will be shocked if this new airline serves alcohol.
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