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  1. Did those fly with a D7 code? As I recall it was as you say, a "lease" from D7 to AK, meaning it was still AK
  2. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks, but it really bothers me that on just one side of the plane, there are three different Waus. 1. The tail Wau, which is non-Italic (I think the retro Wau) 2. The winglet Wau, which is Italic (The present Wau) 3. The "Sustainable" something something Wau near the door, which is in the opposite direction of the other Waus,
  3. Wonder if there has ever been an instance where both AK and D7 fly the same route?
  4. Latest rumor is that the new CEO has also resigned..
  5. Do we know how the interior looks like? Or is it the same as the latest 737 offering ie no IFE
  6. I wonder if their standard reply to refunds is still "we are waiting for investors".. Not sure who will put up money for an airline that has no airplanes.... or even a license now
  7. Which the airlines would just pass to pax hence tix price will increase
  8. Who will invest in this mess? Especially when your first order of business is to pay RM22 million refunds. Money down the drain for any investor.
  9. Wow, what a reply Sorry, didn't know flight duration and lounge use are related 🤣
  10. Wow, what a disaster. As a side, I'm going to BKK for a holiday with my family later this month. With the ongoing fiasco, is it worth it to spend a bit for the lounge? Or will it not be related?
  11. Even the MALAYSIA AIRLINES font is different. It's like a hybrid of the current font and the previous font (like on the 777/747).
  12. Wow.. Why is MoF "mediating" on behalf of a commercial entity like Brahims? Interesting.
  13. jani

    Klia express

    Or the flipside, extend ERL to Seremban and more.
  14. I wonder how a company like Elon Musk's Starlink will change the in-flight wifi game. They have launched with a few airlines in the US.. Will surely come our way soon enough.
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