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  1. He's been the caretaker CEO. He is the CFO. There are many ways to look at it. Up to your own eyes. Changi is not listed. Is the accountability zero? MAHB will now not be "accountable" to public investors, but will be accountable, directly, to Khazanah, EPF and more importantly GIP and ADIA.
  2. MAHB to be privatized. EPF, Khazanah and GIP will buy shareholders out. GIP operates Gatwick, Edinburgh, London City and Sydney airports. Really can't wait to see the public reaction
  3. To be honest I think LCCT is better. Because you know what you are getting. It was built for LCC. T2 - What exactly is it? It's not really low cost, but all the features are striped away. It's poorly built, ugly, and the design and flow is freaking terrible. Don't even get me started on immigration... We really had a big opportunity to build something right to cater for the LCC boom but failed spectacularly.
  4. Speaking of disaster-management, a friend is stuck at DXB because EK have been poor in communicating issues as well. However of course the magnitude in scale is much more significant
  5. Yeah, and it's just a politically correct answer. He's not gonna say "It doesn't make sense for us to open a MAN route" when he just launched Man Utd as a partner two weeks ago 😆
  6. Which is about 30% higher than KUL.. or otherwise almost 100% higher if you count ASEAN, which I imagine is significant bulk of traffic.
  7. Ah, okay. I was confused between the PSC and Departure Levy. MH indeed are the biggest losers. I liked their sarcastic argument a few years back saying they should move to KLIA2 as well
  8. Mind explaining this part? Not sure I understand
  9. I agree with most if not all criticism of MAHB/KLIA but I'm not sure how them charging a premium for the most desirable parking spots is anything wrong. Especially as the other parking spots aren't exactly inconvenient. If MAHB wanted to "maximize revenue" then they should make PSC rates equal to its regional peers. Not sure how they can compete with the likes of BKK and SIN who charge RM97 and RM232 for flights to KUL while we only charge RM40.
  10. Sorry, what's wrong with this?
  11. Felt this had subsided slightly, but seems to have resurfaced relatively recently.
  12. In recent days, viral on social media of terrible delays by Batik. My family members also not spared, with delays reaching 5 hours out of CGK. Anyone knows what's up?
  13. To be fair pax might be even more wary of newer 737s (MAX)
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