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  1. Well if that article is to be believed, MH is gone. All staff become AirAsia staff. You don't like it, there's the door. I still cannot believe Khazanah is basically in favor of ridding MH and letting only one airline dominate Malaysia.
  2. Nah. Likely these things were leaked on purpose to send certain messages to the public. I am all too familiar. Anyway nobody is talking about the Lion Air/Malindo option. I think that's the best. KUL being the hub for Lion Air's Indonesian operations, and able to connect to other flights in Asia and beyond on MH. It's practical, but the politics of it will be too crazy I'd guess.
  3. Hahahaha what the heck. GILA. And Khazanah supports this? I feel like typing so much more out of anger but meh.
  4. Ahh.. good point. Thanks. Though if true, curious if they are indeed required to be in uniform.
  5. Congrats to KLIA for finally breaching 60 mppa!
  6. OK, but why did they put their uniforms back on when about to land?
  7. Didn't know where to ask this but: On my recent flight back from Tokyo, there were a bunch of flight crew seated in Economy+ but in casual wear. However, as we were about to land, they all changed to their uniforms. Anyone know what was going on? Just curious.
  8. This should be Khazanah's job though, not the CEO.
  9. Has anyone tried MH Upgrade? I recently put in a bid but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Thing is, I have another booking on the same flight on biz, and saw that there are still a significant number of empty seats. I'm not complaining, but just wondering how do they actually go about the process etc. My wife casually said "Oh I think they just didn't want us because we have a baby" haha. Wonder if that actually DID play a role.. (We actually thought to bid because were unable to secure a bassinet seat)
  10. Uh-oh.. I have a KUL-KIX/NRT-KUL coming up. Hope not affected.
  11. I am somehow more surprised that Erick Thohir is now a minister!
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