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  1. There was a story... Red hat and gang would come to airport operator... Ask for 20 things... Airport operator thought about it... Came back, and said "OK, we can give you 10 things, we can further discuss 5 things.. But we definitely can't do the remaining 5 things". Tomorrow you will hear all the noise about the 5 things not granted.. In the press.. in the cabinet.. bla bla Donno la, maybe just a story. Who am I
  2. Maybe one day if ASEAN is liberalized like the EU (but see how that has turned out..?).
  3. Would be interesting to study the similarities between MH and TG and whether the same(ish) solution can be found. Why not a AF-KLM style merger?
  4. I am puzzled why anyone would prefer an LCCT. It is one thing to criticize MAHB if they think they are doing poorly, but another matter altogether to say they prefer an LCCT
  5. From a pure passenger experience standpoint, meaning without taking into account PSC, I wonder if anyone really prefers LCCT to conventional terminal?
  6. Ha.. Khazanah selling everything is actually a big sign of something...
  7. Just to update, got in touch with a travel agent who called QR. They said that you can purchase all-economy tickets and then upgrade sectors with points. Cannot with cash.
  8. I did consider PE but am not sure if ready to travel 13 hours non-stop with my very active 1yo son Anyway yes, I forgot about multi-city when posting the above. Trying to find the best solution on that. But again, seems only possible on EK though, strangely. EDIT: To mix classes, I mean
  9. Hey guys sorry to bring up an old thread. Am scouting for flights to London for end Sept and looking to mix Biz/Economy. Was wondering if it's possible to have for example KUL-DXB and LHR-DXB on Economy and DXB-LHR and DXB-KUL on Biz? You can split KUL-LHR on Economy and LHR-KUL on Business on Emirates, but not sure if can be done based on sectors. Of course am asking if also possible for QR or EY (or any other, if you have suggestions). Main consideration is that I will be traveling with my one year old son and wife, hence looking for a bit of a mix for comfort and the break-journey might be useful. Thanks all
  10. Why would AirAsia oppose an integrated airport? Weird.... Wonder why..........
  11. Well to be fair, it looks like he was already with MAS for close to 6 years in 2007. He's just coming back. Wish him all the best. Tough role, as we all know.
  12. Not only immigration, but also check-in. One way to solve that is by creating another entrance/exit point on the opposite part of this theoretical klia2B. Can check Jeddah new terminal masterplan for a similar concept. Doing this actually opens the possibility of having a different operator (not MAHB) operating klia2B White is Phase 1 for Operator A. Midfield terminal is Phase 2 while the last part is Phase 3. Phase 2 and 3, theoretically, though not ideal, can be operated by different operators since Phase 3 can be accessible by road separately from Phase 1.
  13. Headline really should be "Khazanah hires Morgan Stanley for Malaysia Airlines Sale"
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