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  1. thanks bro... thanks... got he pass by only.. cos i shoot at road side.. he dint kacau.. ALI is doing 5 round touch and go then back to WBSB again...
  2. Finally Miri airport got Rare visitor, V8-Alpha Lima India is doing touch and go this morning...
  3. anyone got watch news today ?? the memek keluar tv..
  4. 3 hours ? LOL ... pakai ape ? ATM also cannot 3 hour...
  5. lol.. apa hal ada water mark semua.. copyright ka ?
  6. wow... so close all the shoots... so song o... wish i was there also
  7. lol.. cos she park beside me so i get my PNS and click it...
  8. Something to share.... giong back to WBGR today waiting at Gate No.6... And ..... Here she come.. can you see the wing tip ? Wow.. is Lima Alpha Beb... Loading time.. tak sabar nak naik.... the time is come.... wing tip... push and start... Taxiing holding point Rwy 07... WBGG spotting spot... ai...wait macam kenal saja Arena meroon tu... sape ek ? kasi zoom sikit.. ai.. take picture sampai naik atap keta ? p/s : sorry used PNS cam so quality not so good After airbone contact director 120.2 Rwy 07 clear for take off malaysian 2564 Good day... -N-
  9. lol.. you guys drive here lah.. sure happening. hi sam, ya i will be at miri.. anything you can pm me...
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