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  1. this guy I think accidentally drink CLOROX too much... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. Hajjah or not.. She is pretty... heheheh jgn marah arr kak..!!
  3. yep.. cannot get to my ears.. can Ewan switch to MP3.. a bit more general right...
  4. Romizi

    AirAsia X

    See the cockpit.. Is it brand new aircraft or re-used model... Bought from MAS ek..??
  5. And more sad when no fire engine and airport people around.. They need help....!!!! Oh my god..!!! I cannot imagine if there any old women and children on board... So sad.. !!
  6. YES.. the main reason why I would tembak this people... lambat bayar kene denda.. x bayar, more than that..!! spending our money to the BULLSHIT stuff...!!! hope GOD knows what to do..!!
  7. I saw the video this afternoon on TV3.. I would said the pilot did such a great job.. Reported that the pilot has declare an emergency landing.. plus acknowledged tower that they had gear problem before landing.. huhuhuhu... scary me all the way when heard those propellers hit the cabin... my god..!!
  8. very good spending... huhuhuhuh MALAYSIA BOLEH what...!!
  9. That is your and my concern as an aviator.. How about the people who does not understand the first story was.... in this thread I would say..?? I mean does the people understand the phrase TALK TO THE RAIN AND ASK MAB..?? The replier means it..!! I guess.. Don't we..?? Notes: I had my experience overspeeding and overstress plus using reversthrust below 80 knots.. also highspeed landing.. But never called for any explanation.. except I read my report they stated there reduce my point.. so sad..!! (Sorry.. that was in FS)... hehehehehehe
  10. The 'POKOK' of this story was "OUR SAFETY" Neither whos right nor whos wrong... this is all about the SAFETY When ur life is about to fly either, might U think about ur fees charged..?? Or 5 stars services..??
  11. Hahahahahaha... I agree bro..!! all buang duit...!!
  12. Damn... foolish...!! I would burn the airport then...!!!
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