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  1. flee, this is worth reading. It provides a good answer why RMAF didn't scramble their jets.
  2. http://seademon.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/mh370-i-speak-out/ I think this article shed some new and clear lights on RMAF radar.
  3. how about this one? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=587936637905030&set=a.574575445907816.1073741828.573319692700058&type=1&theater
  4. bro, be positive in ur aviation career prospect. Being a commercial pilot is not fully about money only. Its about ur passion to taste the joy of flight as a career.
  5. IMHO, what you need is a firm thought of what career you wanted to be. If commercial pilot it is, and MH opening up its recruitment program,work your way by any possible mean to archive that goal. Insya-Allah the scholarship are waiting for you. That is what I'm doing right now. Wishing u and also me, Good Luck in SPM tomorrow!
  6. Prop-less plane..wow..yet the pilots survived the crash..i wonder,what is the main cause of this kind of thing?
  7. wow!... i always do this kind of thing when my runway is full in fs2004..
  8. May I know what is NB? Newbie ek?
  9. RM1000, that's for my PMR Straight A present from my dad. 1 hour full motion, Aiman. Scenery : Photoreal but i like fs2004 object much better.Still,the airport somehow intergrated with Aerosoft AES Landing : Yup! sucessfully landed the jumbo with only 1 attempt.And the person sitting next to me(i don't know a technician or engineer) was amazed. A 16 yo kid can manually land a jumbo jet nowadays.
  10. I've experienced the B747-400 MH simulator. U can feel the control,the turbulence and even the motion when pushing back. Worth a lot!. :drinks:
  11. Nabiel, this is a very good experience. the first thing i said when i was in control last year, "This is definitely not like fs2004" :good: after SPM, lure ur dad kaw2 la. :D
  12. we are the first one in d world. :rofl: must be a typo there..
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