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  1. MAS items used to be cheap at ebay. Try Amcorp Mall flea market, Saturdays and Sundays.
  2. AK tried KUL-KUA. I was on the inaugural. No fanfare...I guess they didn't think it would last long. And it didn't.
  3. He is incorrect about intact fuselage. Pieces were found to be coming from the cabin such as the cabin divider panel with silvery swoosh motifs, and recently an item looking like the IFE screen frame with coat hook from the economy seat.
  4. With fares over RM1k KUL-PEN-KUL for two persons on weekday quoted about 3 weeks before flight, my jaw dropped. I took my money to AK for just over RM300 all in with 2 meals return.
  5. Shiraz served the best beriani rice those days in my opinion. Its first outlet was at Medan Tuanku since the 1970s. Pity they are no longer operating. The nearest copy of their beriani is Restoran Pakiza at Seksyen 14 PJ.
  6. The latest debris partially shows the logo of Rolls Royce.Looking at the condition of items found so far, the aircraft met a violent end in my opinion.
  7. I wonder at what point shall a pilot decide to proceed to alternate airport in such bad weather and already circling for 2 hours?
  8. Allegedly due to cracked windshield while nightstopping in LGK, so claimed the CEO in Malaysiakini website. Investigating if there are elements of sabotage...
  9. I think enough of the flag colours already. We have the colours on KTM trains for decades now and I think it limits the creativity for a more classy look on new and modern trains now in service.
  10. Those pics of the deceased still strapped to their seats and the bloodied kebaya video footage still haunts me. Indeed such crime can never be forgiven.
  11. Suddenly after French defence minister's visit that it has been confirmed? Rafael, Mistral talks?
  12. If it went down intact with only bits of it came off, it was an incredible chance the flaperon came ashore and was discovered.
  13. https://twitter.com/creissen found what appears to be an armrest. Have been a while since I flew on MH's 777. Does it look like MH's? Edit. Someone says from a Ford Transit.
  14. The honeycomb object looks like a composite aircraft part. Hope the authorities will check on it.
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