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  1. SUBANG, 5 Dis. - Pesawat Fixed-wing Amphibious pertama APMM dari jenis Bombardier CL 415 selamat tiba di Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Subang. Penerbangan penghantaran pesawat pertama tersebut diterbangkan oleh dua juruterbang APMM di bantu juruterbang dari Syarikat Bombardier serta krew dari anggota APMM. Pesawat tersebut berlepas dari Montreal, Canada pada 21 Nov 08. Pesawat pelbagai guna tersebut adalah yang pertama digunakan oleh Malaysia terutamanya APMM untuk menjalankan tugas Penguatkuasaan Undang-undang Maritim Malaysia, serta dapat memantapkan lagi aset yang sedia ada dalam menjalankan tugas pencegahan serta penyeludupan dan menyelamat di laut. Ketibaan pesawat tersebut di sambut Pemangku Ketua Pengarah, Laksamana Muda Maritim Dato’ Noor Aziz Yunan serta pegawai dan anggota-anggota APMM di Hangar D’Nest
  2. On delivery from Canada to Malaysia departing manchester 23L for Nice after a 2 night stop.
  3. While browsing photobucket album i found this.... credit to hazaldin
  4. Yesterday they just stick new sticker after the ceremony....
  5. You are welcome Uncle Pieter~!!...yup it is a 1st trip to KCH You are welcome Ashmil ..maybe AK buy this plane using loan from Bank Rakyat.. I also think like that...how long this aircraft will wearing Bank Rakyat jersey?? You are welcome too...to me it is unique livery..
  6. Some photos just after she arrived at LCCT.....sorry for late posting...
  7. Yup you are right...no rest for AHQ after 14 hours flight from Toulouse...
  8. Today 9M-AHQ first flight to BWN at 4pm....
  9. Capt....i think all of those photos is taken by unprofessional photographer...the quality is not so good..maybe they are using normal digicam
  10. New Danga Bay Helicopter 9M-DBJ (Danga Bay Johor)
  11. Nuri at photo #4....this picture taken during merdeka flypass last month...my friends took the photos...he is one of MMEA chopper pilot...
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