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  1. Before the LDP, 1 utama and etc.... in the 80s, there is rock kuari.
  2. Capt, any possibility brake overheat .?
  3. Crash at bukit puchong, time not sure, but still remember crach due to miss communication between pilot and ATC or tower.
  4. Agreed with Khaled too short, not so economy...let Senai be the south Haj Hub. Tabung Haji with good repo maybe can attract potential client from singapore. Check your bearing mate.... Alor Gajah.. ...wrong facts. Kem Terendak near sg udang has a small airstrip, easily spotted from the garrison back gate for caribou landing. Haven't came across any C130 land there.
  5. If see the Nat Geo. monster moves those thing won't happen.
  6. PW's (MAS) GE to (AX) RR, how many years bonded....
  7. EH101 most expensive package maybe due to NATO standard, 3 engine, longer durability, big cabin space, best for CSAR. NH90, moderate cost package, 2 engine, medium range, medium, best for CSAR. EC725 probably is cheap, 2 engine, medium range, good for CSAR, not an expert but have doubt on the reliability since the previous super puma have some incident/accident in malaysia. In fact you guys remember the RMAF previously own, i believe two pumas, correct me if I,m wrong, so it end-up chop shop?
  8. After this RMAF charlie pilot will feel like commercial pilot...all digital....
  9. Not too surprise...for Nymex crude price USD 138.00/ barrel.
  10. Thanks for the update photo should mail to TF.
  11. Still wondering, why during the pre-check the 2nd officer miss the switch. Is the cabin pressure switch not in the pre-check list. Any 737 capt can confirm on this.?
  12. After pelangi tutup kedai...there one small company operate small jets to kertih airport for Petronas and EMEPMI staff. Sorry can't remember the name. But anybody in SZB, i believe still can see the ac park in the apron.
  13. Irni, if I,m not mistaken, fort wayne international airport serve area for south bend county, Lafayette county and some other county in the south/west indiana. From Lafayette county (Purdue Uni) to Chicago Ohare is only 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive.
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