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  1. Feel bad for not keeping up and contributing enough for this thread. Let me close the 2013 North America thread with some highlights. All of these nose shots were taken at IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport). Enjoy. Till then..... Happy New Year Malaysianwings.
  2. Interesting!!!!! Good coverage guys.
  3. Yeap IAH. Traffic is better than Dallas. However, you are the lucky one to have a chance to shot from the roof top of the CAE building.
  4. A few pictures to share. BA Go-Around United Star Alliance - The bird is kicking allots of dust during take off roll, brake dust or flat tire? Highlight of the DAY - B748
  5. Spent a few hours two weeks ago at King County International Airport/Boeing Field. Beautiful weather with friendly spotting location, plenty of test flights in action, however, no faith on the B787. Enjoy.
  6. My hands are terrible itchy after not spotting for more than a few months. Get the AVIATION inspiration back again after attending Kevin's birthday yesterday. A few shots to share. Spot from 4pm to 6.30pm with beautiful weather.
  7. There will be quite a number of Cargo jumbo in the morning and all the European flights will be arriving from 2 to 4 pm. South America will come in 11 to 1 pm.
  8. Dug my grandma's album and found these photos, soon will become part of my collection. Need help to identify the airport, any clues? Unfortunately no sign on the date when these pictures were taken. I believe maybe late sixties or early seventies. Enjoy.
  9. Spent a few days spotting at Sydney mid of January this year. Some shots to share.
  10. A few shots to share from PANC. Walter, standing under the sun cover by snow must be enjoying right!
  11. Share some of my shots..........
  12. Some shots from PANC. The airport I see the most JUMBOS for my entire life. On her delivery flight, stop for refueling.
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